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1428 Elm Street (Old)

1428 Elm Street house.

1428 Elm Street was a house in Springwood that appeared in Nightmare on Elm Street parts one two, four and three and in and Freddy's dead and Freddy vs. Jason.


1428 Elm Street was widely known for being the original home to the dream-killer Freddy Krueger's first enemy, Nancy Thompson and her family. After Nancy's mother was murdered by Freddy, Nancy and her father moved out. Only to have a soon-to-be enemy of Freddy, Jesse Walsh, would move in. After Jesse defeated him, he moved elsewhere and the house became deserted for many years due to its history of bloodshed.

Terror Lives OnEdit

1428 Elm Street (Current)

The house in the crossover film

Before or during the events of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Lori and her parents moved in this house after it was renovated. One night during the movie's events, Freddy invaded the dreams of Lori's mom and killed her, Mr. Campbell tried to kill his wife to put her out of her misery, but Freddy killed her before he could, and unknown to Mr. Campbell, Will was watching through the window.

4 years later, Freddy revived Jason Voorhees and tricked him to killing people for him to think that it was Freddy because he was too weak to go after people himself, Jason broke into the house and murdered Trey. Sometime later, Blake and his dad were murdered by Jason, it was going well for Freddy until it was revealed that Jason wouldn't stop killing people, Lori killed Freddy and she and Will were interviewed by police and news people and funerals for all who was killed during the movie's events all took place in the exact same day..

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