1428 Elm Street (Old)

1428 Elm Street house.

1428 Elm Street was a house in Springwood that appeared in Nightmare on Elm Street parts one two, four and three and Freddy vs. Jason.


1428 Elm Street was widely known for being the original home to the child murderer and dream-killer Frederick Krueger, also known as Freddy. It was then occupied by the second to defeat him, Nancy Thompson and her family (the first being the parents of the children he murdered). After Nancy's mother was murdered by Freddy, Nancy and her father moved out only to have a soon-to-be possessed by Freddy, Jesse Walsh, move in. After Jesse's demise, the house was abandoned & became deserted for many years until being occupied by Lori Campbell and her family.

Freddy vs JasonEdit

1428 Elm Street (Current)

The house in the crossover film

After the events of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, 1428 Elm Street appears again after its new owner Lori Campbell and her widowed father moved in after being renovated.