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Adrienne Christina Thomas-Hart [1] is a character in the film Jason X, in which she is portrayed by Kristi Angus. An intern working at New Harvard University on Earth II, Adrienne acts as the assistant of university teacher Professor Braithwaite Lowe.

Biography Edit

In the year 2455, Adrienne accompanies Lowe, a group of his students and several ex-military grunts on a field trip from Earth II to the original Earth, which has long since become a dead planet. Staying aboard The Grendel spaceship as Lowe leads a team to Earth, Adrienne, when Lowe returns with two cryogenically frozen bodies, has Adrienne take one of the bodies (the frozen Jason Voorhees) to Lab Two of the Grendel for dissection, telling her to have lovebird students Stoney and Kinsa aid in the examination, much to Adrienne's dismay. As she prepares to dissect the rapidly thawing Jason, Adrienne sends the results of her scans of him to Lowe, and becomes increasingly frustrated by Stoney and Kinsa's lack of focus, eventually becoming fed up with them and telling them to leave, which the two students happily do.


Adrienne hearing noise behind her.

Adrienne 8

Adirennes dies and her face completely freezes instantly.

Adrienne 9

Jason smashes Adriennes face on the counter top.

Left to work alone with Jason, Adrienne removes one of his eyes with forceps and freezes it in a nearby sink of liquid nitrogen for later inspection before beginning to cut off Jason's hockey mask, which is fused to his face, with a scalpel. After removing the mask, Adrienne glances at Jason's deformed face, showing some sympathy for his monstrous appearance, and places is it back on Jason before going to examine samples she had taken from him. As Adrienne examines the samples with her back to him, Jason begins to stir, attracting Adrienne's attention. After glancing at the still seemingly lifeless Jason, Adrienne dismisses the noise she heard earlier as simply being ice falling off Jason and returns to her work.

Jason finally wakes up and starts to move around. He gets off the table and Adrienne turns around to see what it was and she noticed he was gone. Before she could react to him being gone, Jason grabbed her by the face and threw her into the wall.

She tries slam on the wall and screaming for help but no one heard her. Jason grabs her again and she tried to break free. He graps her and tries to drag her over to the sink of liquid Nitrogen. She continues to scream for help but no one could hear her. She struggles to break of Jason's grasp but could not break free. When her drags her over to the sink her tries to shove her head in it. She puts her arms on the sink and tried to push away from the sink. But Jason's strength was to much and he was able to shove her head in. She screams for a second before her face completely froze and she died.

Jason then pulls her head out and looks a her for a second. He then proceeds to smash her face on the counter top and her head smashes into pieces. He then pulls her head up and then throws her lifeless body on the floor. Her body was left there till members of the crew found her and took her body away in a body bag.

Trivia Edit

  • Her death was ranked #1 on's Top 10 Brutal Jason Voorhees Kills.

Gallery Edit





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