Alexis Peterson is a female character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. She was one of the many victims of Jason Voorhees and was portrayed by Kathryn Atwood.


Alexis joined her friends Luke and Deborah on a camping trip to Camp Crystal Lake in honour of Jason Voorhees death. They got to the lake via hitch hiking and were picked up by Steven Freeman. Alexis appeared to have a crush on Steven and asked him to accompany them, but he politely turned her down. She even kissed him.

The trio set up a tent and camp fire then went skinny dipping in the lake. When they returned to camp, Deborah asked Alexis if she and Luke could have the tent because they planned to copulate and Alexis agreed to sleep in a sleeping bag under the stars.

Alexis Pee Bush

Alexis chose a bush to urinate on.


Alexis' death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

While her friends were getting busy, Alexis went to pee on a bush. After emerging from the shrubbery , she walked a little ways and thought she heard noises in the woods. Suddenly, Phil, the coroner who Jason had possessed, burst out and slashed Alexis to death with a scalpel.

She is Jason's 91st victim.