Alice Hardy's apartment was a small apartment near Crystal Lake that was rented out by Alice Hardy a few months after the murders at Camp Crystal Lake and a short time before her death.

After spending two months in a mental institution due to her horrific experience at Camp Crystal Lake, Alice decided to return to the area of her horror in order face her demons and fears against the wishes of her parents. The apartment was well furnished, well kept, and was modernized. Here, Alice painted pictures that were related to her experiences and suffered from nightmares. It was never explained how long Alice intended to stay there, but it was probably for an indefinite period of time as it had the look of being occupied by someone who intended to remain for a while. Jason Voorhees somehow became aware of Alice staying there and stalked her closely. He got into the apartment before or possibly during Alice's time in the shower, or the day that she spoke to her parents about her situation there. He planted his mother's severed head in the refrigerator and murdered Alice by stabbing her in the temple with a screwdriver. Alice's body was dragged out of her apartment by Jason and taken to his shack in the woods that surrounded Crystal Lake.

Details of a police investigation of Alice's apartment and Alice was never really revealed. However, Paul Holt's story to the staff around the campfire suggested that the murder of Alice and her apartment was known and fully investigated, but her killer was never found.

  1. Alice Hardy (Deceased)
  2. Alice Hardy's cat
  3. Mr. Hardy
  4. Mrs. Hardy
  5. Jason Voorhees