"Cute. Real cute."
―Alice to her cat.[src]

Alice Hardy owned a cat seen in Friday the 13th Part 2.


When Alice visited Crystal Lake in August, 1979 to help conquer her demons that surrounded the events that took place at Camp Crystal Lake in June of that year, she took her cat with her. One night, Alice was startled when her cat suddenly jumped through the kitchen window in the apartment that she was renting. Going to get some food for her pet, Alice made the shocking discovery of Pamela Voorhees' head in her refrigerator. As the cat watched on curiously, Jason Voorhees grabbed Alice from behind and stabbed her in the temple with an ice pick.[1]

The fate of the cat remained unknown, but since Jason seemed to only kill humans, he most likely left him/her alone. Alice's cat either became a stray, was possibly given to her parents, or went to a new owner.





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