Allen Hawes was a friend of Tommy Jarvis that was killed by the undead Jason Voorhees.

He is his Jason's 36th victim overall.


Allen Hawes was a patient at an undisclosed sanitarium in 1990. He became friends with Tommy Jarvis who had been remanded to the hospital following his mild psychotic break in 1989 when he, Reggie, and Pam Roberts were attacked by Roy Burns.

Tommy and Allen were released from the sanitarium in June. On the 12th of the month, Tommy and Allen went to the Eternal Peace Cemetery to cremate the corpse of Jason Voorhees, a serial killer whom Tommy had killed in self-defense in 1984. Allen was nervous about the plan, as he feared that they would be sent back to the sanitarium.

Upon arrival at the cemetery, Allen and Tommy dug Jason's corpse up. The sight of his enemy's body caused Tommy to have a slight episode in which he stabbed the corpse with a metal gate post. He then contemptuously tossed a Hockey mask he had constructed onto the corpse. However, a lightning bolt from the impending storm struck the post twice and acted as a lightning rod, shocking Jason back to life and destroying his tombstone (shown in a flashback in part 7).


Allen Hawes' death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

As Jason approached his old enemy, Allen rushed up behind him and hit the killer over the back of the head with a shovel. Jason promptly tore the man's heart out with a burst of superhuman strength. Allen's heart and literally heartless body fell backwards into Jason's coffin, which slam shut on him. His body was buried in Jason's casket the following morning by the cemetery caretaker, Martin.



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