Amanda Krueger was the mother of Freddy Krueger. At age 18 she became a nun and changed her name to Sister Mary Helena. Her first assignment was to care for the inmates at the Westin Hills Asylum, including the infamous tower (where the worst of the patients were housed). A few days before Christmas, while preparing for a long holiday weekend, 2 guards were in a hurry to leave and accidentally locked Sister Mary Helena in the tower. She was left alone with the inmates for several days, during which time she was raped repeatedly by a hundred inmates. When she was found she was barely alive and pregnant. On November 12, 1938 she gave birth to a baby boy and named him Fredrick Charles Krueger. After his birth she gave the boy to the state and he was adopted by Mr. Underwood, who was an alcoholic and abusive toward Freddy. Amanda kept an eye on Freddy and even followed his trial, where Freddy was accused of molesting and murdering several children. The trial resulted in a mistrial due to a technicality. Amanda was distraught over what her son had done and committed suicide by hanging herself in the very tower that she conceived him in all those years before. Amanda's body was never found. The tower where she hung herself was sealed and that wing of the asylum was closed. A headstone was placed in the Springwood Cemetary under the name Sister Mary Helena.

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