Anita Robb was a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning and the girlfriend of Demon.


Anita and Demon have traveled together in his van and been to a lot of places. She went with Demon to visit his younger brother, Reggie. She meets Reggie when Demon introduces to him and Reggie called her beautiful, she was smoking a joint.


Anita's death at the hands of Roy Burns

After Reggie and Pam Roberts left, Demon started to feel the need to go to the bathroom cause the enchiladas he ate and goes to the outhouse. Anita plays a joke on him and shakes the outhouse. He gets mad and is grossed out by the outhouse. He and Anita start singing and then it gets quiet. The outhouse shakes again and thinks it is Anita. When he opens the door of the outhouse, Demon finds Anita dead with her throat slit, killed by Roy Burns.