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Benjamin Robert "Ben" MacNeal is a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.  He is one of Michael's friends and Kate´s boyfriend.


Ben and kate

Ben and Kate make up

Ben shows up the next morning at the house and it is shown early that there is some tension between him and Kate after David slips up and reveals something unbeknownst to Kate, which Ben quickly tries to cover. Russell tries to talk to Ben about what's going on with him and Kate but he refuses to tell him.The two make up and head out to the van where while in the middle of having sex, begin to hear noises outside the van, as well as it shaking here and there. They believe that it is Michael screwing around with them, so Ben goes out to try to scare him, leaving Kate in the van.

7-9-ben-head-smash 480 poster

Ben´s death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

When circling around the van looking for Michael, he is ambushed by Jason, who grabs him by the head and proceeds to crush his skull with his bare hands. His corpse and the corpses of Dr. Crews, Dan, Judy, Maddy, Michael, Sandra, Russell, Robin, Jane, and Amanda Shepard, the one-eyed corpse of Kate and the heads and headless corpses of Eddie and David were found and taken away to a morgue while Melissa's was destroyed with the Shepard house.

He is the 62nd victim of Jason Voohees.


Ben's death was heavily cut by the MPAA. While the theatrical cut immediately cuts away as soon as Ben begins bleeding, the original shows the head crushing in it's entirety, complete with blood gushing out of his eye sockets.



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