Bish was Sheriff Ed Landis' deputy in Crystal Lake.

Biography Edit

Bish was at the Crystal Lake police station when Jessica Kimble arrived to report Steven Freeman for running down and seemingly killing her boyfriend Robert Campbell. Unknown to Jessica Kimble, Robert had been possessed by her uncle, Jason Voorhees, and had followed her to the police station.

Robert reappears at the police station, forcing his way inside and tracking down Jessica. He kills her accompanying officer named Officer Ryan by slamming her head into a locker and breaks Sheriff Ed Landis's nose. Steven spots them and manages to get his hands on a pistol, shooting Robert multiple times in the chest and once in the head. Robert is undeterred by this and reanimates, smashing both Officer Brian and Officer Mark (Jason Goes to Hell)'s heads together and chasing after the fleeing Jessica and Steven. He ran away. Punched by Creighton Duke, he lifted his key ring from him and broke out of jail.