Officer Bracke is a character in the Friday the 13th reboot, in which he is portrayed by Richard Burgi.


After several weeks of searching for a group of friends who had gone missing while camping in the area in 2008, the stumped Bracke is forced to give up when the investigation turns up nothing. The case going cold does not go over well with Clay Miller, the older brother of one of the missing persons, and he and Bracke would butt heads on more than one occasion.

Six weeks after the disappearances, Bracke meets Clay again when the young man drives into town, having decided to look for his sister Whitney on his own. Pulling Clay over near the Outpost gas station, Bracke tells him that he and his men did the best they could and tries to convince Clay to go home, saying that Whitney might have just run off with her boyfriend Mike. Failing to convince Clay that Whitney may have just abandoned her family, Bracke bids him goodbye, advising him to look elsewhere, like the relatives of the other missing campers.


Bracke about to be killed by Jason

Hours after his talk with Clay, Bracke receives a 911 call from the Sutton residence, the caller reporting a possible homicide. Driving to the isolated summer home, Bracke exits his cruiser and knocks on the door, announcing his presence. Before Clay and his friend Jenna can let Bracke in, the officer is killed when Jason Voorhees drops down from the roof behind him and pins Bracke to the door through the eye with a fireplace poker. Bracke's body is searched a few minutes later for keys and weapons by Clay.[1]




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