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Bree Turner


Bree Turner is the wild, hot, vindictive, lustful, and spoiled blonde girl. All she cares about is how good she looks and getting whatever she wants. Alongside several other college students, she accompanies Trent Sutton to his parents' summer home in Crystal Lake for a party-filled weekend in 2009. She starts documenting her weekend with a camera, and records her friends doing stupid things like drinking games.

After a while, she gets more comfortable and changes out of her long white pants, heels, and take top for something that's more her style, tiny jean shorts and a tight semi-crop top. There's one thing that she wants this weekend, and that's Trent, her best friend Jenna's boyfriend. While recording her friends being stoned, she notices that Clay Miller is invited in by Jenna and closes her camera saying, "this should be intresting" and gives off a mischievous grin, knowing that Trent won't like it that Jenna invited another guy in. She offers him a beer but he is kicked out by Trent, and Jenna leaves with him. Bree takes this opportunity to begin her plan of sleeping with Trent.

She passes the time playing games and hanging out with him, Chewie and Lawrence. Their other friends having gone elsewhere. The whole time she is talking and flirting with Trent in an attempt to win him over. They play beer pong and Trent and Bree lose to Chewie and Lawrence. Bree is disgusted by Chewie when he drinks a shot from his shoe, after Trent and Bree both refused, as it was the punishing for losing.

As night begins to fall, Bree gets drunk off of champagne and starts dancing around provocatively in front of Lawrence and Chewie. They are both stunned at her body while she is dancing and stare at her. Trent doesn't even notice her and keeps looking out the window for Jenna. Chewie states that in his next life he "wants to come back as one of the buttons on the ass pockets of her jean shorts." Lawrence talks Chewie into trying to sleep with her, despite the fact he doesn't believe he has a chance. Lawrence gives him a flaming shot to give to her as an excuse to flirt. She flirts back with him a little then seductively convinces him to take the shot himself by whispering to him that all he has to do is "blow and suck. Chewie is completely stunned by Bree's sexualness so he ends up burning his lip on the shot glasses. He breaks a chair belonging to Trent's father because of this and heads out to the tool shed. Bree sees this as the perfect moment and walks up to Trent, who is angry about the broken chair, hanging onto his shirt. She seduces him, in an attempt to distract him from the broken chair, by suggestively telling him to come finish the wine alone with her. After he accepts, Bree leads him to the back room, with a huge vindictive smile, knowing exactly what's going to happen next. Trent had no idea what he was in for.

Once inside the room she begins to kiss Trent while taking off his shirt and pushes him onto the bed. He laughs out of aproval. Bree takes her top off revealing her busty figure that is being held in by a overflowing bra. Trent tries to sit up but she climbs onto him and pushes him back down again, causing him to laugh even more. Now she seductively removes her bra, while licking her tongue across her teeth and tosses it on him. Her massive boobs are revealed and Trent, in shock of the size of them, cups what he can of both of them in his hands and tells her they are "stupendous", to which she laughs and responds with "Wow, you really know how to make a girl feel special." She then leans in to kiss him some more and then starts to undo his belt and take off his pants. Trent urges her that they can go while she laughs and smiles a huge grin of excitement for what she is about to experience.

The wine they were drinking is now empty and the bottle rolls on some condoms that the two completely ignore, as they are too intimate and eager to begin their fun.

When they both are finally stripped down to nothing she pushes him on the bed again and begins to ride him, while her video camera is in her hand to record their sex act, and music is playing in the background. Her big and excited smile she had before quickly turns to a face of immense pleasure, and she begins to moan lightly and let out a sound of extream relief, as she feels his massive dick inside her. Trent, again tranced by how big her rack is, is squeezing them with both hands the whole time and complimenting them by saying they are "so juicy", to which she replies by softly moaning "I know" to him.

She keeps moaning and breathing heavy as she they thrust together and she takes it all in. Trent compliments her "perfect nipple placement." She starts moaning louder and riding him a little faster. He moves his hands from her enormous chest to her thick and perfectly shaped hips to support her and grab her ass as she's griding on his long wide shaft. She keeps the camera pointed at him throughout all of this. Trent warns her that this better not end up on the internet, but she just looks at the tv, watches herself move up and down on him, and laughs with enjoyment at the sight of it. Next, she gets starts to get wild and moans very loudly with, while making a face of pure enjoyment, and Trent tells her that her boobs would win in a "fucking titty contest".

Jenna, who has returned to the cabin and looking for everyone, is told they are in the back bedroom. She tries to open the door but realizes it's locked with a "do not disturb" sign on the handle. Jenna starts yelling at them through the door and the horny couple are caught off guard by this. Bree looks at the door with fear of her wild sex show with Trent ending, but she then looks down at him smiling because she knows she can seduce him to keep pounding her. He yells at Jenna to shut up through the door, but she is persistent and keeps banging. Trent gets distracted again, but Bree quickly grabs his attention back by stroking his hair and getting him to look at her as she continues to ride him the entire time. Trent smiles and agrees with Bree's desire to keep going. He tells her to ignore Jenna, and turns the music up louder to drown out Jenna. Bree, with the camera still in hand, then leans over him and makes out with him while he's still inside her. She movies up and down across his body, and her boobs press against him the whole time. Before Jenna gives up, all she can hear is Trent say, "we're busy in here baby" and then a loud laugh from Bree who is happy about stealing Jenna's man right in front of her.

As they continue, Bree drops the camera, unable to hold it any longer, and uses both hands to ride Trent as hard as she can, while uncontrollably moaning and gasping loudly. Bree has completely lost her ability to think or remember anything and her primal instinct takes over. She's thrusting and bouncing on his cock immensely hard. She's grabbing all over Trents chest, hair, and face as she takes in and feels him inside her. After a while of more nonstop intense thrusting and bed acrobatics she says to Trent, "Oh my God baby, I'm close." Trent ask if she's sure and when she says yes he responds with, "I got about eight seconds and I'm going." Bree, knowing she is about to reach the finale of her intense encounter with Trent, gives it everything she has left and starts to ride him like crazy while screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs, rocking the entire bed and camera that is still on and recording whatever comes in its view. Trent has been saving a little energy for this and begins to thrust as hard as he can causing her to bounce and moan even more which, in turn, puts a big Smerk of satisfaction on his face.

Bree lifts her body up, puts her hands on the back of her head while pulling her hair, and starts griding on him even more. Trent supports her up and grabs a handful of her tits for a good squeeze. She comes down to the normal position and knows this is all she has left. She desperately rides Trent just a little longer so they can cum together. She makes it long enough and Trent, who can see the look on her face that it's time, tells her he's ready.

They push as hard as they can together and let out a simultaneous and intense grunt as he goes as deep as he can inside her. Bree imbraces it by throwing her hips as far into him as possible and leans her body back. They both cum at the same time and each moan and gasp uncontrollably as they both have their orgasms together. They are so engaged that they don't even notice Whitney bang on the window after she escaped before being dragged away by Jason again. Bree gives off one last high moan, louder than any other as she feels his cum going into her wet pussy. Finally after they are completely finished with their orgasms, she lays down on top oh him. Both are breathing heavy and are exhausted.

Trent slaps her ass and she rolls over next to him, while letting out a gasp of extreme satisfiction. Once beside him, she raises her body up and gives off one last confident laugh of satisfaction from accomplishing exactly what she wanted and then some. Trent, who is blown from the experience, let's off a loud cheer. Bree rolls in close to his side, squeezing one tit against him, resting the other on his chest, and putting her arm across him. He then puts his arm around her, resting it on her ass, and brining her in close.

They both breath and gasp heavily and have huge smiles and looks of pleasure on their faces. Trent begins to say "That...was..." But Bree cuts him off and asks, "stupendous?" She bites her lip while smirking about it. Trent begins to laugh which causes Bree to look up at him and smile before he remarks "to say the least.", causing Bree to laugh out of joy and put her face into the side of his. They hold each other tight and cuddle, resting from their loud, intense, and sensational escapade.

After a few more moments or rest from their sex marathon, the power goes out after being cut by Jason. They finally leave the room and head to the living room, Bree only dressed in her underwear and Trents button up shirt she pulled off of him earlier, which is big enough to be a small dress on her. When Jenna sees her, she looks at her with disgust and anger but Bree just looks at her and smirks, knowing there's nothing she can do about it now. She got what she wanted, just like always. They are told by Jenna and Clay Miller(who Trent gets in brief fight with) about a killer being on the loose.

When Lawrence goes outside to get Chewie, and is left screaming for help after being injured by Jason, Bree loses all composure and goes into hysterics, curling up and crying in a corner. Jenna of all people, manages to calm her down. After a little bit, Bree goes upstairs looking for the guy she just got done screwing in the other room to keep her safe. She goes into the bathroom. Thinking someone else is in the room, Bree looks around and, after slowly walking bare foot up to the shower she pulls back the curtain and let's off a sigh of relief, but is then immediately grabbed from behind and by Jason, who had snuck in through an open window. Lifted off the floor, Bree is impaled on a pair of mounted deer antlers attached to the door, killing her. A few minutes after her death, Bree's body falls off the antlers, the noise startling Trent into accidentally shooting her corpse several times. He is hardly even phased by her death.

Jason later throws Bree's body out the window and onto Officer Bracke's car when Trent tries using it to escape. Her body is last scene half naked on the hood right outside the house. It is assumed that the cops recovered her and everyone else's body, as well as any evidence on her camera that she recorded during her time at the Suttons' s


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