Bree was a character in the Friday the 13th reboot, in which she is portrayed by Julianna Guill. She plays the role of the party girl who makes a sex tape with her best friend's boyfriend, Trent, and is a victim of Jason Voorhees after he impales her on a antler rack.


Bree is the wild, hot, blonde party girl who arrives with her best friends Jenna and Chelsea and several other students, as she accompanies Trent Sutton to his parents' summer home in Crystal Lake for a party. Her goal for the weekend is to become Trent's girlfriend despite her best friend Jenna being in that role. Reaching the Sutton's summer house, she is seen wearing white pants and a green tank top, and she begins to record her friends having a good time when they are shotgunning a beer can. After Trent yells at them for making a mess, Chelsea whispers into her ear about Bree wanting to sleep with Trent and Bree smiles and laughs about her sexual desires. Sometime later Bree has changed into a tight blue top and short jean shorts that expose her cleavage, belly and legs as she wants the attention of Trent. Bree then records Chewie and Lawrence munching down. Later, she sees Jenna inviting Clay into the house, says "this'll be interesting", knowing Trent isn't going to like it, gives a mischievous smirk, grabs a beer and flirtatiouslay offers it to Clay but Trent sees Clay and tells him he needs to leave. After a brief argument, Jenna leaves with Clay, Bree then seductively offers the beer to Trent, who accepts. After their other friends had gone elsewhere, Bree then attempts to get Trent interested in her by teaming with Trent to play beer bong against Chewie and Lawrence, who despite carrying Trent the entire time loses several games in a row.

As night begins to fall, Bree manages get the attention of Chewie by getting a bottle of champagne and drinks it while dancing seductively in front of Lawrence and Chewie. Lawrence goads Chewie into flirting with Bree by trying to impress her by drinking a flaming shot. Bree, knowing that Trent isn't paying attention and that her friend Chewie wants to hook up with her, moves to Chewie and attempts to seduce him. When Chewie fails to impress her when he burns his lips when he drinks a burning shot he breaks a chair which causes Trent to get very angry with him and sends him to the tool shed to get the tools to fix it. Bree, seeing this as a opportunity to get with Trent, she proceeds to walks up to Trent and tugs on his outer shirt and seductivley suggests to Trent that they should go finish the champagne in private as she gives him a very lustfull look.Trent, who has resisted her previous seduction attempts from throughout the day, finally allows Bree to grab his hand and lead him to the master bedroom as they both smile. As they head to the bedroom Bree grabs her video camera while Trent grabs a few condoms from Chewie’s stuff. Once inside Bree proceeds to make out with Trent as she removes both of their clothes and hooks up her camera to the flat screen tv and proceeds to film themselves having sex as they both decide not to use condoms. As they have sex, they’re are interrupted by her best friend and his girlfriend Jenna, who can hear their moans despite the music they have on, trys to warn them about Jason Voorhees but they ignore her and continue to have sex. They are then both seen by Jason Voorhees but he decides to kill Chewie before them.


Bree seducing Trent to go have sex

Shortly after Bree and Trent finished having sex, they proceed to head downstairs just as the power goes out (presumably Jason's doing). As they come down Bree, instead of wearing her outfit before having sex, comes down only wearing one of Trent’s shirts loosely and flaunts what she did by giving Jenna a smug look letting her know that Trent belongs to her now. Jenna and Clay Miller (who Trent gets in brief fight with) then inform the lovers about a killer being on the loose.

Friday The 13th 2009 - Bree's Death

Friday The 13th 2009 - Bree's Death

When Lawrence goes outside to get Chewie, and is left screaming for help after being injured by Jason, Bree, despite moments earlier being full of confidence after having sex, loses all composure and goes into hysterics, curling up and crying in a corner. Managing to calm down after a little bit, Bree goes upstairs looking for Trent, and wanders into the bathroom. Thinking someone else is in the room, Bree looks around and, after pulling back the shower curtain, is grabbed from behind and gagged by Jason, who had snuck in through the open window. Lifted off the floor, Bree tries to plead with Jason despite being muffled and sees what Jason plans on doing to her. Jason, maybe being impressed by the young woman, hesitates before ultimately spelling doom for her. Bree is thrown onto a rack of antlers which cause her to let out a scream as her heart and lungs are penetrated, resulting in her death. Shortly after her death, her dead body suffers further indignity when Trent shoots her body after it feel off the antlers. Jason later hurls Bree's blood-soaked body out of a window and onto Officer Bracke's car when Trent attempts using it to escape. This was probably used to frighten Trent the most, as Jason had seen them together not long before.



  • "Just put it to your lips. Blow, then suck."
  • "Wow. You really know how to make a girl feel special huh."
  • "I know." ( Trent is squeezing her breasts together as he describes them)
  • "Oh." (After being told she has perfect nipple placement).
  • "Oh my god baby. I'm close."
  • "I'm close, baby. I'm close."
  • "Stupendous?"
  • "Forget about it. He'll fix it. Let's go finish this ." (Seducing Trent into going upstairs with her)
  • "Right here we have the stoned American male foraging for food" (Bree as she records a stoned Lawrence and Chewie eating).
  • "This will be interesting"
  • "Hi new guy. Beer"
  • "Did you forget how to drink that?"
  • "I've been carrying us the entire time."
  • "No. No." ( Chewie offers her the beer in the shoe)
  • "That's disgusting"
  • ”I’m bad.“ ( Responding to Trent’s warning about their sex tape going onto the internet. Theatrical version.)