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Bree was a character in the Friday the 13th remake, in which she is portrayed by Julianna Guill. She plays the role of the seductress

Friday The 13th 2009 - Bree's Death00:46

Friday The 13th 2009 - Bree's Death


Bree is the wild, hot, natural big breasted single blonde who arrives with her best friend's Jenna and Chelsea and several other students,as she accompanies Trent Sutton to his parents' summer home in Crystal Lake for a party-filled weekend in 2008. Her goal for the weekend is to become Trent's girlfriend despite her best friend Jenna being in that role. Reaching the Sutton's summer house, she is seen wearing white pants and a green tank top, complimenting her large rack, and she begins to record her friends having a good time when they are shotguning a beer can. After Trent yells at them for making a mess, Chelsea whispers into her ear about Bree wanting to sleep with Trent and Bree smiles and laughs about her sexual desires. Sometime later Bree has changed into a tight blue top and short Jean shorts that further compliment her body. Bree then records Chewie and Lawrence munching down. Later, she sees Jenna inviting Clay into the house, says "this'll be interesting", knowing Trent isn't going to like it, gives a mischievous smirk, grabs a beer and offers it to Clay but Trent sees Clay and tells him he needs to leave. After a brief argument, Jenna leaves with Clay, Bree then seductively offers the beer to Trent, who accepts. After their other friends had gone elsewhere, Bree then teams with Trent and plays and loses several games against Chewie and Lawrence, causing both to become a little drunk and flirty. During this time Bree attempts to get Trent interested in her.

As night begins to fall, Bree gets a bottle of champagne and drinks it while dancing in front of Lawrence and Chewie. Lawrence goads Chewie into flirting with Bree by trying to impress her by drinking a flaming shot. Bree, knowing that Trent isn't paying attentions and that her friend Chewie has a crush on her, moves to Chewie. Allowing Chewie to attempt to seduce her by drinking a flaming drink, she instruct him by telling him to "bring it to your lips. Blow, then suck." When Chewie tells her that she's good she just smiles. When Chewie burns his lips when he drinks, he breaks a chair which causes Trent to get very angry with him and sends him to the tool shed to they tools to fix it. Bree, knowing that Trent wanted to sleep with Jenna uses this incident for her to steal him from Jenna. Bree walks up to Trent and tugs on his outer shirt and tells Trent to "forget about it. He'll fix it," and tells him that she wants to go finish the champagne in private. Trent who was reluctant at cheating on Jenna, has decided to accept Bree's offer and let her lead him upstairs to the master bedroom. Bree grabs him by the hand and with a lustful smile leads him upstairs. Bree then gets her video camera to record her sexcapade to blackmail Trent in case she gets pregnant. Once the horny couple gets upstairs and locks the door, Bree hooks up her video camera to the flat screen in the room, and begins to passionately kiss Trent and at the same time trying to remove his shirt. She pushes him onto the bed while he laughs and she takes off her blue top and throws it to the side. Now in just her pink bra and short shorts, Bree mounts Trent and briefly kisses Trent before pushing him onto the bed causing him to laugh again, Bree undoes her bra strap and removes the bra while seductivly licking her lips. She throws her pink bra at Trent's head. After her bra is removed, Bree presents her big breasts to Trent who is amazed by them, then grabs them and pushes them together as he calls then stupendous, while she sarcastically tells him " you really know how to make a girl feel special,". She kisses Trent again and starts to undo his pants. He urges her they can go. She laughs and is excited at about the crazy sex that's about to start. Bree decides to not to use the condoms that Trent brought up. After Bree strips both of themselves naked, Bree turns on her camera and holds it in one hand and sitting in Trent's naked lap with him inside her, pushes him onto the bed and begins to aggressively ride him while blasting music over the speakers. Bree who is moaning lightly from having Trent inside her and from having her breasts played with is told by her lover that they are "juicy" to which she moans out "I know". Bree proceeds to get her hair out of her face so she can look at Trent as she continues to ride him, causing both to moan and Trent tells her she has "perfect nipple placement," causing her to moan "oh". Trent realizes Bree is possibly blackmailing him by making a sex tape, so he tells Bree that their sex tape better not go on the Internet, causing her to watch the footage on the tv of her riding on him and laugh and tells him that she's bad. The sex continues to get more intense when Trent presses his fingers on Bree's ass while remarking that she can win a "titty contest" Mid-sentence, Bree starts to moan louder as she rides Trent harder, causing her boobs to wildly bounce around. Trent grabs and squeezes her hip while thrusting harder. Bree then shakes her long hair out of her face so she can look down and and smile at her "lover", knowing that he is enjoying being inside of her. Meanwhile,Trent's girlfriend Jenna, who has returned is told by Lawrence that Trent and Bree are together in the bedroom upstairs. Jenna heads upstairs and hears the loud moans coming from inside the bedroom. She tries to tell them about Jason being outside. Both are caught off guard by this, with Bree looking worried that Trent is not going to finish in her. She looks down and puts her hands on his chest. She caresses his face and strokes his hair to keep his attention all while riding him. She smiles once she sees he wants to continue. As Jenna continues to knock on the door and tries to get them to stop, Trent tells Bree to "ignore them". Bree leans over with her mouth open to make out with Trent while he turns up the music. Trent wraps one arm around bree and thrusts as hard as he can while she moves up and down dragging her breasts all over trent's chest. They both moan loudly so Jenna hears them. Before Jenna leaves all she can hear is Trent yelling at her that they are busy and Bree laughing out of pleasure. Bree gets back up from making out to continue bouncing on Trent while he has his hands on her ass. Jason sees the bedroom light and approaches while Bree continues bouncing on Trent but decides to go to the toolshed first where Chewie is. Bree, who is enjoying the sex puts down the camera and thrusts back and forth wildy, going in and out of trent while trent pulls her closer and thrusts hard as she continues to grasp his face and lightly scratch his chest. After Whitney has escaped and is heading towards the house, Bree tells Trent that she can feel her orgasm approaching and won't last much longer as she is going to climax soon. Trent tells her he is "8 seconds" away from his. Bree senses he wants to pull out so she rides him intensely so he has no choice but to cum inside her. Bree rides him even harder and bounces her breasts onto Trent's chest as he smiles and thrusts back. Bree leans back up as he grabs her left breast and moans loudly. Bree, reaching her limits, rides him as hard as she can gasping for air before finally slowing down. Trent warns her that he's going to cum. Bree just keeps moaning and clawing at him as a sign she wants him to cum inside her. He lifts his hips and gives her one last hard thrust before unloading all his cum in her. Bree arches her back and clinches her body as he shoots his load into her, causing her to orgasm. She moans uncontrollably and higher than ever as she climaxes and takes in his load. As she is moaning she continues to bounce on trent making sure she gets every drop. As they continue to have their orgasms, Whitney makes it to the window and slams her hand on it to get Bree and Trent's attention but they are unable to hear her due to both of their loud moans just as Jason snatches her. Finally finished with her orgasm, Bree collapses into Trent with her breasts in his face. She has a huge smile from her orgasm and and having her breasts licked by Trent. When he slaps her on the ass, she takes the hint and rolls off of him while letting out a sexy moan. When she rolls off to his side, he leaves his hand close to her vagina. Bree, with a huge grin of satisfaction from the sex and getting him to cum inside her, leaves her legs wide open and arches her back sticking out her bare breasts. She drags her hand from her chest to her hip before thrusting her hips causing her big breasts to jiggle. She initially expresses a face of pain from the rough sex with her mouth open before bouncing and causing her breasts to jiggle again. All red and sweaty, she turns over to her side and rests her right breast and arm across his chest as they both cuddle naked and exhausted from their intense sexcapade. Bree knowing that she has his load inside her, smiles. As they both cuddle together in post-coital bliss, Bree tells Trent, who is gasping and struggling to say words that it was "stupendous" in which he responds "to say the least" which causes Bree to laugh and bury her face into his neck.

The power goes out (presumably Jason's doing), Bree and Trent get dressed, him wearing the clothes she stripped off him and Bree decides to wear nothing but her underwear and one of his dress shirts. As they come down Bree gives Jenna the look of satisfaction as they are told by Jenna and Clay Miller (who Trent gets in brief fight with) about a killer being on the loose.


Bree seducing Trent into having wild sex with her.

When Lawrence goes outside to get Chewie, and is left screaming for help after being injured by Jason, Bree, despite moments earlier being full of confidence after having sex, loses all composure and goes into hysterics, curling up and crying in a corner. Managing to calm down after a little bit, Bree goes upstairs and into the bathroom. Thinking someone else is in the room, Bree looks around and, after pulling back the shower curtain, is grabbed from behind and gagged by Jason, who had snuck in through the open window. Lifted off the floor, Bree tries to plead with Jason despite being muffled and sees what Jason plans on doing to her. Bree is then thrown onto a rack of antlers which cause her to let out a scream as her heart and lungs are penetrated and causing her to pass out. Bree then dies peacefully. A few minutes after her death, Bree's body falls off the antlers, the noise startling Trent into accidentally shooting her corpse several times. Jason later throws Bree's blood soaked body out a window and onto Officer Bracke's car when Trent tries using it to escape


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