Cal Tucker, the local sheriff of the town where Pinehurst Youth Development Center is at, he is good friends with Matthew Letter, the doctor who runs the place. Sheriff Tucker was called in when Tina and Eddie were caught on Ethel Hubbard's farm, having sex. Tucker and one of his deputies, Deputy Dodd brought Tina and Eddie back to Pinehurst. Ethel comes riding in on a motorcycle with her son Junior and tells Tucker she wants Pinehurst closed down cause of the trouble some of the residents are causing and threatens to shoot anyone who trespasses on her property again.

Tucker is called in again to Pinehurst cause of Joey being murdered by Victor J. Faden, a fellow resident of Pinehurst. Sheriff Tucker and Matt talk and asks if Joey has any family around and Tucker tells him that Joey's mother died giving birth to him and the father took off somewhere. Matt tells him that Joey has been shuffled around from home to home till he came to Pinehurst and Joey was a great kid.

A murder happens later on whe 2 guys Vinnie and Pete are killed by a killer and more murders happen. The next night a waitress named Lana and her boyfriend Billy, a patient transporter for Unger Institute for Mental Health. The next day, Mayor Cobb, is bitching out Sheriff Tucker, demanding Tucker to find the killer. Tucker tells Cobb who it is and tells him it is Jason Voorhees. Cobb tells Tucker that he has been out in the sun too long that Jason Voorhees is dead and he was cremated. Tucker asks the mayor that if he knows that for sure. The mayor dumps the ashtray and tells him that this is Jason Voorhees. Cobb tells Tucker that his ass is on the line and that he brings him a live suspect. After the mayor leaves his office, Tucker gets pissed off and thows the ash

Sheriff Cal Tucker getting bitched at by Mayor Cobb

tray at the door. More murders happen when Demon and his girlfriend Anita get killed, Raymond, Ethel Hubbard, her son Junior get murdered. At Pinehurst, more victims pile up like Matt, George, Tina, Eddie, Violet, Robin, and Jake, and Duke get killed. Pam Roberts, Reggie, and Tommy Jarvis are the only survivors. Tommy killed the murderer, disguised as Jason Voorhees though Tommy got wounded by the killer. The killer is revealed to be Roy Burns. At the hospital, Tucker talks to Pam and tells Pam what he found out about Roy and that Roy is Joey's father and used the Jason Voorhees murders to cover up.

Sheriff Tucker telling Pam what he found on Roy, a secret kept for so long