Casino Bar

The Casino Bar is a fictional business featured in the Friday the 13th film series. It appeared in the first sequel of the franchise, Friday the 13th Part 2 1981.

Description & History Edit

The Casino Bar is two-story restaurant and bar located in New Jersey, not far from Packanack Lodge in Crystal Lake Township. In addition to food and drink, they also provided live music and dancing.

In 1984, several members of the Packanack Lodge training program went to the Casino Bar to celebrate their last night of fun before the work season started. Among those who went were counselor trainer Paul Holt, his assistant/girlfriend Ginny Field and a friend named Ted, as well as several other unidentified counselors.

Paul, Ginny and Ted sat at the bar where Ted kept flirting with the waitress. While they were there, Ginny brought up the subject of Jason Voorhees - who was something of a local ghost story, and allegedly a demented wild man that lived in the woods at Camp Crystal Lake. As a child psychology major, Ginny tried to profile Jason Voorhees, but Paul thought that her opinion on the matter was "bullshit", and jokingly told her that he thought she was drunk. As the hour grew late, and more drinks were consumed, Paul and Ginny decided to leave. Ted however remained behind hoping to find an after-hours bar.

Patrons Edit

  1. Paul Holt (Unknown)
  2. Ginny Field
  3. Ted

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