Colleen Van Deusen is a character of the 1989 slasher film Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. She was portrayed by Barbara Bingham.

Biography Edit

She was a teacher at Lake View High School. She and McCullough take their students Rennie Wickham, Sean Robertson, Julius Gaw, Tamara Mason, Eva Watanabe (Kelly Hu), Wayne Webber, Miles Wolfe and J.J. on the S.S. Lazarus for a cruise to New York City. Although they were unaware that Jason has also addressed the cruise as well.

Jason has killing, murdering, and slaughtering the students in cold blood one by one. She survived the massacre on the boat. Later, Colleen, along with Rennie, Sean, McCullough, and Toby get on a lifeboat and abandoned the ship. Julius also gets onto the boat as well. Jason leaves with them, but they were unaware that he was following and stalking them.

The group are a victims of an assault and the assailants named Homes and Jojo abduct Rennie. Julius is killed by Jason after Jason punching his head off. Sean locate Rennie and leaves with Colleen and McCullough.

Death Edit

While the group is on the patrol, the cop is killed by Jason and Rennie takes the car to handle. Rennie crashed the car into a wall, and this causes an explosion, killing Colleen instantly.

Curiosities Edit

  • She is the second character in the film who dies accidentally, the first is a crew member on the S.S. Lazarus.

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