Demon was the grandson of George, who works at Pinehurst Youth Development Center and he was the brother of Reggie.


Demon was known for getting into some trouble, he and his girlfriend, Anita traveled around. Demon goes to visit his brother Reggie and they talk. Demon meets Pam, who brought Reggie to visit Demon. Demon introduces Reggie to Anita, who was smoking a joint.

5-12-demon-pole-through-chest 528 poster

Demon's death at the hands of Roy Burns.

After Reggie and Pam leave, Demon needs to go to the bathroom cause the enchiladas he ate and goes to the outhouse. Anita plays a joke on him and shakes the outhouse. He gets mad and was grossed out by the outhouse's inside. He and Anita start singing and then it gets quiet. The outhouse shakes again, this time harder and more violent and he still thinks it is Anita having a joke. When he opens the door of the outhouse, Demon finds Anita dead with her throat slit. Demon gets scared and locks the door. Then, a metal pole is then pushed into the outhouse through his leg, then the pole goes through his stomach killing him.


  • Demon was the second character to die with a muddy butt in the films. Harold Hockett was the first person murdered without getting a chance to wipe his butt in Friday the 13th part III.