Dieter Perez is a character in the film Jason X, in which he is portrayed by Robert A. Silverman.


Professor Lowe heads to his quarters and contacts Dieter Perez on the Solaris space station. Telling the Dieter of his discoveries, Lowe at first fails to impress the surly Dieter, who claims that even though Rowan is twice as old than any known cryogenically frozen individual, no one will pay anything worthwhile to see her. After bemoaning his need for money, Lowe is told by Perez that the frozen Jason is worth something. Learning this, Lowe ends his meeting with Dieter and, when student Janessa shows up, proceeds to have bout of kinky sex with her in exchange for giving her a good mark on her mid-term. Jason Voorhees appears and butchers Lou, crashing into Solaris and killing everyone onboard, including Dieter Perez, Lowe's financial backer.