"It's not our business."
―Doug to Sara concerning Paul's careless behaviour and Sam's storm off[src]

Doug Bell was a character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter who was one of the group of teenagers that rent a house and the boyfriend of Sara on the shore of Crystal Lake, next door to the Jarvis House. Doug was Sara's boyfriend and is the 33rd victim of Jason Voorhees, the eleventh victim in the individual film, and the 43rd victim in the series. He meets the same fate as Sara and the rest of his friends, killed by mass murderer, Jason Voorhees.


Doug was heading to a weekend getaway with his girlfriend Sara and his friends Paul, Samantha, Ted, and Jimmy at a house that the group rented on the shores of Crystal Lake. After meeting a nice family that lived next door and two teenage twin girls, Tina and Terri, who live in the area and skinny dipping in the lake, the teenagers returned to the house to have a party. Through the night, Jason begins to murder Doug's friends, unknown to Doug. Doug and Sara make love in the shower upstairs, and Jason has finished killing Ted, Doug and Sara are the only ones left alive.

Sara leaves to get dressed, and Doug finishes showering. Jason walks into the bathroom, and Doug, assuming it

Doug's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

was Paul, begins to joke around, claiming he dropped the soap but Doug's prison shower humor ends quickly when Jason smashes his hands through the glass shower door, grabs Doug, and crushes his skull with his own bare hands against the tile wall of the shower.

When Sara returns, she finds Doug dead and if then herself killed by Jason. Later, Trish finds Doug's body nailed to the wall as she investigates the house.



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