Earth I (also known as Earth or Terra, or Sol III) was third of nine planets of its Solar System (aka Sol System) located in the Orion–Cygnus Arm, of the Milky Way galaxy and the birthplace of humanity, Pamela Voorhees, her infamous fallen son Jason, his copy cat Roy Burns the Springwood slasher, Freddy Krueger, and numerous , numerous people.


On Earth (later Earth I), the history of what was possibly the worse case of mass murder committed by anyone began in a summer camp for kids known as Camp Crystal Lake, Crystal Lake, Wessex County, New Jersey in the nation state of the United States of America. It all began there with a grief-stricken, vengeful madwomen who lost her deformed and special needs son in the local lake to which she blamed two Camp counselors for her lose. Her murder of both of them touched off forty-five years of mass murder later taken over by her undead son Jason, after she lost her life at the hands of one of the Camp counselors in self-defense.

Eventually, Jason's killings became known to the United States authorities in 2001 and then by the Camp Crystal Lake Research Facility in 2008, who tracking him for sometime finally captured him and convicted him for his crimes. However due to Jason's inability to die, they could not execute him and left him heavily sedated until 2010 and after a deadly escape attempt he was left cryo-frozen and locked in the facility for centuries.

During this time, Earth became uninhabitable and unsuitable for human life due to a series of planet-wide ecological disasters whose cause was unknown and humanity was forced to move out into space, and ultimately settled on one particularly world in an unknown star system called Earth II.

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