Eric Pope[1] was an assistant coroner at the Federal Morgue, Youngstown, Ohio; he presumably had a medical degree or training in forensic pathology. While his boss, Phil, began the autopsy on Jason Voorhees, killed in a massive FBI ambush at a cabin outside Crystal Lake, Pope went out for pizza and drinks. On returning to the autopsy room, he commented to Phil that they had the unique opportunity of saying whatever they liked to Voorhees without fear of consequences, and illustrated this by insulting the corpse with profanity and scatological humor; unbeknownst to him, Phil had eaten Voorhees's heart and was possessed by the murderer. He was killed when Phil stabbed him in the back of the head or neck with an autopsy probe, mangling his face against a grating.

He is Jason Voorhees' 88th victim.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Pope's name is never mentioned in the film or end credits, and he has usually been known simply as "Phil's assistant" or "Assistant Coroner". His name is, however, visible on the name tag worn on his white lab coat.[1]

He is the first person killed by Voorhees in someone else's body, and the second coroner to die, the first being Axel and third being Phil (Phil died by melting when Jason left his body for Josh's).

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