The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, are law enforcement agents of the United States Federal Government.

The FBI became aware of and interested in the mass murder Jason Voorhees after his murder spree spread to Manhattan. They were resolved to destroy him at all costs, but they misunderstood what he really was and had become.

On Thursday July 29, 2003, the FBI lured Jason into an ambush at Camp Crystal Lake by using Elizabeth Marcus as bait. They attack Jason with a massive burst of gunfire and grenades when he begins chasing her. Jason's body gets blown to bits. Jason's charred remains are then taken to a federal morgue in Youngstown, Ohio. The two armed guards at the morgue, who are also FBI agents, reveal that they are the ones who blew Jason up. Afterwards, Phil, a medical examiner at the morgue, begins to study Jason's remains while reading the FBI Handbook of Information on Jason that says: "For Eyes Only". When Phil sees Jason's heart, he eats it after he becomes compelled to do by unseen demonic forces. Jason's soul then goes into Phil's body, making Phil turn into Jason, who then kills Phil's co-worker, and then the two armed guards.

Behind the scenesEdit

One of the armed guards at the morgue was played by Kane Hodder, who also plays Jason in this film, as well as the two prior films, parts seven and eight.