Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs is a 2006 novel written by Stephen Hand and published by Black Flame.

Official Summary Edit

Jason Voorhees. Unkillable. Unstoppable. Camp Crystal Lake's most infamous son is back, and he's doing what he does best!

After twenty-five years Pamela Voorhees is back and she's ready to join her son in a rampage of murder. Only Jason is not at home any more; he's the main attraction in a travelling sideshow. Pamela will stop at nothing to bring Jason back to Crystal Lake, but she had better hurry, because someone at the sideshow is planning to sell Jason's body on an internet auction site! Who would be crazy enough to want Jason in their own home? Will the FBI step in and put Jason away before the final bid?

Full of action and good, old-fashioned slasher mayhem, Carnival of Maniacs proves that you really should try before you buy.