Friday the 13th: Road Trip is a 1994 novel written by Eric Morse the pen name of author Dan Foxx and published by Berkley Books.

Official Summary Edit

Once there was a boy named Jason Voorhees who drowned at a summer camp when the counselors weren't watching. First, his mother got revenge. Then, Jason rose from the grave. And now, everyone knows you can't kill a legend... but a legend can kill you.

Heading home after the big game, a van full of cheerleaders and football players swerved off the road-and crashed. It was raining, they were lost, and everyone blamed Teddy. Why? Because Teddy was an easy target. He was the team water boy, the class nerd, and the school mascot (in a bumblebee suit!). But while Teddy's tormentors sought shelter from the storm at Camp Crystal Lake, Teddy traded his bumblebee suit for a gruesome new disguise...

Now the school nerd has a hockey mask, a machete, and a taste for revenge.

And his classmates have to take a little detour-through death.