Friday the 31st: Michael vs. Jason is a 2005 movie short and a crossover between the Friday the 13th and the Halloween franchises. It's title is a portmanteau of Friday the 13th and October 31st, the days in which every movie for both franchises take place on. The film is similar to Freddy vs. Jason, except for the fact that Jason takes on a new rival: Michael Myers, the main antagonist of the Halloween franchise. It takes place fifteen years after Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Plot Edit

Stalked by his deadly uncle (Michael Myers) across America, John Tate, enroute to New York with his girlfriend, gets lost in New Jersey stopping in Crystal Lake to ask for directions. He runs into Tommy Jarvis and another woman named Sharon, who are both on the run from Jason Voorhees. Tommy and Sharon point guns at John and Sara, mistaking them for Jason. John explains how he ended up in Crystal Lake and then Tommy explains why they are hiding, explaining the events that happened at the end of The Final Chapter. Sara states that she knows about Jason. Sharon then points out that Jason is a killing machine and cannot be stopped. Before she can finish, someone fiercely pounds on the door, most likely Jason. Tommy and Sharon prepare to shoot at whoever is behind the door. Tommy tells Sharon to take both John and Sara upstairs. John refuses, Sara wants to stay with John. John wants Sara to stay safe, telling her to go with Sharon. The couple romantically kiss before they leave each other. Jason then opens the door and sees Tommy and John. He walks towards them, but is shot three times by Tommy. Tommy then gives John one of his guns. Meanwhile, upstairs, Sara worries about John. Sharon attempts to comfort here by saying that they are alright. Michael Myers then appears in the back of Sara, before stabbing her in the back and killing her. Tommy and John here Sharon screaming upstairs. Suddenly, Jason gets up and pushes John across the room. Sharon panics and runs downstairs, where Tommy is shooting at Jason. Immune, Jason corners Tommy and brandishes his machete. John pushes Jason away from him and starts shooting at him. Jason pushes John on his feet, where he sees his uncle standing at the top of the stairs. John tells Tommy that Michael is in the house. Tommy ignores him and keeps shooting at Jason. Michael then stabs Tommy in the chest and throws him out of the way. Michael and Jason meet face-to-face. Jason attacks Michael with his machete, but misses. Then again, but this time, Michael grabs hold of his machete and throws it on the ground. Michael tries to stab Jason but is put in a choke-hold. Jason picks up Michael and throws him outside. The two begin fighting outside, Michael stabs Jason in the eye before Jason stabs Michael with his machete. The two successfully take the weapons out of themselves, causing them to switch weapons. The two briefly fight before Jason takes off. Michael then reclaims his knife. Meanwhile, John and Sharon flee the house. Sharon explains that Sara is dead, and wonders about Tommy. John says that he might be dead, Sharon then tells him that they need to go back and get him. Tommy is seen on the floor, bleeding out. Tommy tells John to get rid of Jason. John tells Sharon take Tommy to his car. Jason and Michael can be seen fighting. John gets in a car and shines the headlights on the two. He hits the gas pedal and hits them. Jason and Michael, who are now on the hood of the car, try to break through the windshield. John slams on the brakes, throwing the two into Crystal Lake. Jason and Michael sink to the bottom of the lake. John reunites with Tommy and Sharon.

The next morning, two men are walking in the woods upstate. They come across someone's body, which is then revealed to be Michael's. They ask if he is alright and if he needs to go to the hospital. When they approach him, Michael picks up his knife and screaming can be heard as the screen cuts to black.

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