Geko is a character in the film Jason X in which she is portrayed by Amanda Brugel. A PMC grunt who works under Sergeant Elijah Brodski.

Biography Edit

During a field trip to the original and deserted Earth from Earth II led by Professor Braithwaite Lowe in 2455, a group of soldiers (Geko included) are hired to act as security for Lowe's ship The Grendel. While Lowe and a small group descend to Earth in a shuttle to look around, Geko remains onboard The Grendel, doing routine maintenance with her fellow grunts. When Lowe and his group return with two frozen bodies (Jason Voorhees and Rowan LaFontaine) Geko helps move the seemingly dead Jason to Lab Two for examination.[1]

When Jason thaws and begins killing anyone he finds Geko and the other grunts are sent out to look for him by Sergeant Brodski. After Brodski and some of the other grunts attack Jason in the quarters of the ship engineer, Geko is partnered with Briggs and Sven to look for him. Shuffling through a small tunnel Geko and Briggs fail to notice Sven be grabbed by Jason, who snaps the grunt's neck. While looking for the target Geko and Briggs find fellow grunt Condor dead and report his demise to Sergeant Brodski. Going off on her own Geko finds Sven's body and reports this as well, shortly before bumping into Jason, who slits her throat with his machete. Surviving for several minutes the dying Geko finds Kicker and collapses in front of him. Geko's body is later found by the thawed Rowan and a few others, who take her gun, not knowing its damaged.[1]

An unknown amount of time after her death Geko's body would be harvested for organic tissue by the remaining Nano Ants of The Grendel, which, under the command of the ship's barely functioning medical computer, uses the body parts of Geko and a few others to fabricate Jason into a cyborg.

She is Jason's 124th victim.
PDVD 028

Geko's death at the Uber machete of Jason Voorhees

Appearances Edit

Films Edit

  • Jason X (2001)

Novels Edit

  • Jason X (2005)

Comics Edit

  • Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X (2006-2007)

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