Hayley "Halo" Harlan was a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat. A nineteen-year-old woman trapped in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Trey, Halo's father left her family before she was born and her mother died of cancer shortly afterward, leaving Halo to be raised by older sister Shelley.

While returning home after discovering she is pregnant, Halo encounters a psychic named Denzela, who tells Halo that "a storm is coming... in the shape of a man" and that only “the wings of destiny" can save her. After meeting Denzela, Halo, Trey and a couple of their friends take a trip to the Clear Water (formerly Crystal Lake) area, where Halo's sister Shelley works as a receptionist in the newly opened Phoenix Heights Hotel. Halo is contemplating leaving Trey after the trip is over, but the decision is taken out of her hands when Jason Voorhees attacks their camp, killing Trey and the others and leaving Halo on the run. Although she manages to trap Jason under a fallen tree at one point, she is unable to kill him, fleeing from him only to encounter serial killers Norwood and Penelope Thawn, strict moralists attempting to make contact with Jason due to their belief that he shares their 'moral code', who offer Halo to Jason as a sacrificial offering after they learn that she is pregnant out of wedlock. Having escaped the Thawns while Jason attacks Norwood and murders Penelope, Halo makes her way to the Phoenix Heights Hotel, a comment of Norwood's having led her to believe that they have killed her sister. With the aid of Tom Sheridan, a marketing executive becoming disillusioned with his life, Halo manages to fight off Jason and Norwood, Jason killing Norwood shortly before Halo throws Jason off the top of the burning hotel, causing him to be impaled on the sharp wing-tips of the metal phoenix fountain in the park. Although she has lost the baby during her struggle, the novel ends on an encouraging note for Halo, when it is implied that she and Tom will enter into a relationship.