3-5-vera-spear-in-eye 786 poster-e1334295092667

Vera getting a spear through the eye via a Harpoon Gun.

Harpoon GunEdit

Jason used the Harpoon Gun in two films: Part 3D and Manhattan.

The Harpoon Gun and Hockey Mask were both used by Shelly Finkelstein to play practical jokes on the rest of the campers. In 3D, the gun was fired into Vera Sanchez's left eye and killed her. In Manhattan, Jason Voorhees used the Harpoon Gun on two teenage lovers after his resurrection by an electrical surge. Jason used the gun itself as a stabbing weapon on Jim Miller. After hunting down Suzy Donaldson, Jason used the spear to sadistically torment the girl, before he stabbed her to death.

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