Heather was a minor and later deceased character in Freddy vs. Jason and played by actress Odessa Munroe.

She was the first victims who died by Jason Voorhees in real life or in the dream.

Her StoryEdit

It is unclear whether Heather was an actual person or simply a manifestation of a dream had by undead serial killer Jason Voorhees. In the dream, Heather appeared as a young woman who worked as a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake.

Late one evening, Heather beckoned an unseen lover named Mike to follow her out onto the lake where she stripped down to nothing and went skinny dipping in the lake.

Upon hearing a strange noise, she emerged from the lake, grabbed her shirt and ventured nervously into the woods which encountered Jason Voorhees, who then pursued her.

Then, Heather ran from him, tripped and fell, picked herself up and ran some more. But, Jason caught up with her however and pinned her against a tree, whereupon he ran her through with his machete.

In the dream state, Heather's bleeding form confessed to having neglected her responsibilities, at which point, her face morphed into the image of two other Voorhees' victims.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The character of Heather was created by director Ronny Yu and screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift.
  • Heather can be found on the "Late Night Swim" chapter on the Freddy vs. Jason DVD menu.
  • Heather is the second female character seen in Freddy vs. Jason. She is also the second human character seen in the film (not including archival footage) and the second murder victim in the film. The first was an unnamed little girl seen in flashback to the original Elm Street murders.
  • Playing the role of Heather is Odessa Munroe's second film role and her first work in the horror genre.



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