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Hell is the realm of torture and punishment for the evil beings . Jason went to Hell when he was killed by Tommy Jarvis. He was sent to Hell again after being stabbed with the dagger.  Freddy was in Hell after he was killed and he recruited Jason in Freddy vs. Jason. It is the opposite of Heaven

Known ResidentsEdit

Freddy Krueger - Ended up in Hell after getting blown into a million pieces by his own daughter Maggie Burroughs/Katherine Krueger. He went back there when he was killed again in Freddy vs Jason.

Jason Voorhees (formerly;twice) - Killed by Tommy Jarvis but got revived 6 years later. Sent to Hell again after getting stabbed with a magic dagger. But in the end he got revived again.

Melissa - Axe in head

Robert Campbell

Roy Burns - Impaled on tractor harrows

Pamela Voorhees -Decapitated with machete

Junior Hubbard - Decapitated with cleaver

Ethel Hubbard - Cleaver in head

Crews - Disemboweled with tree trimming saw

Tamara Mason - Broken mirror pieces

Jojo - Head bashed against pipe

Homes - Syringe through back

Shack - Impaled by flaming machete

Teammate - Head turned backwards

Frisell - Impaled by long pipe

Ali - Hacked with machete 10 times

Loco - Impaled by pitchfork

Fox - Pitchfork through throat

Edna Hockett - Knitting needle in back of head

Charles McCulloch - Drowned in sewage


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