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Hell is the realm of torture and punishment for the evil beings for their sins. It only appears in the ninth film of the series, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, hence its name. Two characters throughout the series have been vanquished to hell, as can be seen below.

Known ResidentsEdit

Freddy Krueger - Ended up in hell after getting blown into a million pieces by his own daughter Maggie Burroughs. Went back there after Lori Campbell decapitated him with Jason's machete

Jason Voorhees - Known to have gone to hell to three times:

  • 1984 - Killed by Tommy Jarvis; Ironically, he was accidentally revived by the latter two years later when he and Allen Hawes were trying to cremate his body

Wayne Sanchez - Executed by lethal injection in state penitentiary

Antagonists Not Explicitly Stated As Gone to Hell Edit

Roy Burns - Impaled by tractor harrows

Pamela Voorhees - Decapitated with a machete by Alice Hardy


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