His Name Was Jason is an ultrarespective 2-Part documentary released as follow up to

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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Date of Release: February 13, 2009
Followed by: Friday the 13th reboot
Proceeded by:

Halloween: 25 Years of Terror which details the series, cast, crew, concept and cinematic villain up until its re-imagining and trigger of success.

It features also fan reflections from other directors inspired by the franchise or actors heavily influenced by the stereotypical transfusion.

It features interviews with image gallery backgrounds from Sean S. Cunningham, Adam Markus, John Carl Buechler, Jason Isaac, Joseph Zito, Seth Green, Todd Farmer, Tom Savini as host guiding you through a tribute monatge before directing you to its features and all the actors who portrayed the homicidal hockey masked Jason Voorhees.


  • Tom Savini-Host
  • Sean S. Cunningham
  • Victor Miller
  • Kane Hodder
  • Richard Brooker
  • Adrienne King
  • Carey Moore
  • Camilla Moore
  • Adam Markus
  • Adam Green
  • Joe Lynch
  • Todd Farmer
  • Jason Isaac
  • Betsy Palmer
  • Diane Almeida
  • Erich Anderson
  • Judie Aronson
  • Catherine Parks
  • Chuck Campbell
  • Gloria Charles
  • Stuart Charno
  • Mike Cucinotta
  • Barney Cohen
  • Douglas Curtis
  • Jensen Daggett
  • Darcy DeMoss
  • Steve Dash
  • Elissa Dowling-Scream Queen
  • Bradley Fuller
  • John Furey
  • Warrington Gillette
  • C.J. Graham
  • Seth Graham Smith
  • Seth Green
  • Tiffany Helm
  • Ken Kirzinger
  • Barbara Howard
  • Renee Jones
  • Jeff Katz
  • Paul Kratka
  • Harry Manfredini
  • Derek Mears
  • Bonnie Hellman
  • James Rolfe



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Thommy Hutson(written by) Anthony