Hitchhiker is a minor character in the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

She is the 25th victim of Jason Voorhees.


In the hitchhiker's only appearance in the film, we see her on the side the road, waiting for a passing car. She spots one carrying a group of six teenagers on vacation and holds up her sign which reads Peace and Love in rainbow color, but they decide not to pick her up, and one of them shouts "Hey, honey, ya got a sister?" causing the hitchhiker to respond by turning her sign around, on which she wrote "Fuck you" in case people made remarks like that to her so she sticks out her middle finger and flips him off. After flipping the six off, the hitchhiker goes back to her backpack and pulls out a banana for a snack and eats it for snack time. She hadn't even finished her first bite when Jason Voorhees appeared and stabbed her in the neck and the banana squeezed out of its rinds by her hand as she dies.


The hitchhiker is the only character to die with food in their mouth during her snack time. She is also the first character with food or beverage in her mouth second being Trey.




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