Jason's underground lair was the home of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th.


Jason in his underground lair.


In the original series, Jason was known for having a shack, but in the 2009 Remake, Jason had an underground lair that ran under the entire Camp Crystal Lake. The lair had many rooms that were designed for different purposes. One of the rooms was designed to store the remains of Jason's victims. There was also a room designed for prisoners, such as Whitney Miller. Jason has a room himself. He sharpened his Machete on a grindstone and most likely kept any valuables that he found around the camp in that room as well. Entrances to the tunnels were spread out around the camp and were well hidden. Traps were set up as well. Someone may trip on one and trigger a bell to ring inside the lair, and it was an easier way for Jason to get to his victims. After rescuing Whitney, Clay Miller set the lair on fire to prevent Jason from coming near them. Just when Clay, Whitney, and Jenna find the exit, Jason jabbed his Machete right through Jenna, and killed her. Whitney and Clay then fled without her. This is the final resting place of Jenna and Donnie.

  1. Clay Miller (Unknown)
  2. Whitney Miller (Unknown)
  3. Jenna (Murdered)
  4. Donnie (Murdered)
  5. Jason Voorhees



Trivia Edit

  • Wade mentioned something about a mine being near Camp Crystal Lake. This could mean that the lair used to be a mine.

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