Jason Voorhees is an alternate version of the original Jason from the Mortal Kombat franchise.


Jason appears in game with a mixture of different clothing he has worn over the films. His overall appearance appears to be a combination of the style used in Freddy vs. Jason and Part III. In his "Unstoppable" variation, Jason has a chain around his neck, much like when he appeared in Part VII. This, along with the lightning that revives him when he dies, also serve as references to Part VI.

The largest change in his appearance however is under his mask. A while in every iteration of Jason in the films has some form of severe deformity, in Mortal Kombat X, Jason appears as a relativity normal human with a bunch of scars.

In-game biographyEdit

Mortal Kombat XEdit

"Death and revenge make up the very core of Jason Voorhees' being. He died as a young boy. His mother killed out of grief and rage. When she was murdered, Jason returned and avenged her. Many times since, the living have tried to send him back to the realm of the dead. He's been stabbed, drowned, electrocuted, hurled into space. But Jason cannot be killed. Cannot be stopped."


  • Jason was revealed to appear on Mortal Kombat X on Friday, March 13th, 2015 (hence the series) in a reveal trailer released by Warner Bros. He is an exclusive that can only appear in the game by ordering the Kombat Pack.
  • If he fights against another Jason (i.e. the player plays as Jason and faces an AI Jason or two human players playing as Jason), the second Jason wears Roy Burns' Part V mask.
  • Several references to the series are made by Jason's opponents. For example, one says "Back to hell you go!" in reference to Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Another one is his drowning skill move, referring to his drowning and death in Crystal Lake as a child.
  • Jason has two intros in Mortal Kombat X. In his first intro, which occurs if Jason is Player One, he is seen carrying a dead camper with his machete stuck in her forehead. Upon seeing his opponent, Jason rips his machete out of her forehead and prepares to fight. In his second intro, which occurs with Jason as Player Two, Jason sees his opponent and rips out the bowie knife that is stuck in his neck and prepares to fight.