"After it happened, I expected someone to do something. I expected parents to show up with questions and concerns. I thought the police would've done more, but nothing happened, nothing changed. They opened it again, the next year, and they were back to their old habits. They're just kids, right? So was he, he was just an innocent boy! I was a good mother to him. My boy, my sweet, sweet...Jason"
Pamela Voorhees in the Friday the 13th: The Game official announcement trailer

Jason Voorhees is the main antagonist and playable character in Friday the 13th: The Game. He died when he drowned at the lake, but was somehow ressurected, he roams Camp Crystal Lake stalking and killing any trespassers in remorse of his mother's death. He takes several forms in-game, all but one based on his appearances in the films. In addition to a unique weapon, each Jason begins a match with a set number of crude homemade bear traps (amount dependent on the Jason selected), and can find throwing knives during the game.

Jason trap

One of Jason's traps, camouflaged with leaves.

 Abilities Edit

Each version of Jason has the same 5 abilities, some being stronger/less effective with them depending on the version selected. Part VII Jason, for example, has a faster cooldown for Sense and a slower cooldown for Shift. Abilities unlock one by one over time.

  • Morph - Jason can teleport to an area chosen on the map.

    Jason using "Morph" ability to teleport to another area.

  • Sense - Jason gets a visual indicator of noises made within a certain radius. Additionally, counselors in the area with a high fear level (or the building they are in) will be lit up bright red.

    Part II Jason using the "Sense" ability to locate counsellors.

  • Shift - Jason vanishes and rapidly moves around in first-person, allowing him glide over traps and more easily catch up with counselors.

    Jason using the "Shift" ability to chase a counselor.

  • Stalk - Turns off the danger music that counselors hear when Jason is nearby. Slightly mutes the ambient noise Jason hears and enhances the noise counselors make.  
  • Rage - Passive ability that enhances Jason's other abilities in addition to his strength and endurance, allowing him to smash through doors and some walls instantly. Activates automatically roughly halfway through the match.

    Jason using the "Rage" ability to break through a door with no enough.

 Trivia Edit

  • Part IX Jason differs from the film version, having his left eye out instead of his right (to keep it consistent with the other films, as well as the other models in-game). Additionally his unmasked face is original to the game, having never been shown unmasked in the film it's based on.  
  • Savini Jason was designed by Tom Savini exclusively for the game, based on "his vision of what Jason would look like after returning from Hell". It was available for a limited time for backers early in the game's development.  
  • Though called a spear in-game, Part VI's weapon is actually the cemetery fencepost that reanimated him in the film.  
  • Though ostensibly human, Part II and III Jason still survive being gunned down and stabbed in the neck.  
  • Retro Jason is an alternate skin color for Part III Jason and is based on the 1989 video game Jason.
  • In this game's continuity, the Pamela Tapes reveal that Elias Voorhees is not Jason's biological father, and that Jason was conceived when Pamela was raped by an unknown man.

 Gallery Edit

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