Josh is a character from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. He was portrayed by Andrew Bloch.



Josh with Diana

Josh possesed

Josh possessed by Jason

Josh was a police officer who has dating Diana Kimble while secretly being married to another woman, Edna, which means that he was cheating on Diana. After possessing coroner Phil's body and escaping the morgue, Jason Voorhees ran into Josh and Edna, murdering the latter before taking the former to the old Voorhees House and swapping bodies with him, leaving Phil to melt to death off-screen. After the possession, Jason, now using Josh's body, goes to Diana's home and kills her, intending to possess her in order to be entirely resurrected (since she was of the same bloodline as him), but her daughter's former boyfriend, Steven Freeman arrives and stops the monster from possessing the corpse, though Steven is wrongly arrested for Diana's death. Jason now intends to possess Jessica Kimble (Diana's daughter), so he goes back to the Voorhees manor where he finds Robert Campbell - newscaster of American Case Files and Jessica's current boyfriend, who stole Diana's corpse and hid it in the old house in order to "discover" it and increase his own TV show's ratings - and swaps bodies with him, leaving Josh's body to gruesomely melt to death.

In a deleted scene, Jason kills a man in a bathroom and in another deleted scene Jason, already using Josh's body, murders Vicki's boyfriend in cold blood without showing any remorse.

He is Jason's 99th victim.