Kirra Olivia "Kinsa" Cooper was a character in the film Jason X. A Student who was Stoney's girlfriend at New Harvard University on Earth II.


In the year 2455, Kinsa was a student who goes on the trip to space and she mostly spends her time with Stoney.

Kinsa, Stoney and Adrienne were charged with examining and dissecting Jason, but she and Stoney were too distracted with one another to even focus on performing simple procedure, so Adrienne Hart kicked them out of the room. Stoney and Kinsa are later seen making out in Stoney's room. When the Grendal ship's alarm went off, Jason stabs Stoney in front of her and proceeds to drag his victim away, leaving Kinsa frozen in horror and covered in her lover's blood. She walks down the hall with blood all over her body in a traumatized daze, informing Janessa that Stoney was dead.

Throughout trying to escape out of The Grendal and beat off Jason, she becomes slightly unstable and seems to be in denial as she believes that Stoney is still alive and waiting for her back in their room despite the fact she admitted that Stoney was likely dead after Jason stabbed him and took him away.

Kinsa's Death

Kinsa's accidental death

When Crutch was killed, Kinsa finally loses grip on her sanity and locks herself in. When Rowen and Janessa tries to convince her to open the door for them, she refuses and starts the shuttle without realizing that the fuel lines are still attached. This leads to her crashing the ship and causing her own death.

Since Jason was ultimately the cause of the crisis, which causes her accidental death, she can be considered his 130th victim.