Kyle McLeod is the main protagonist of the film Never Hike Alone: A Friday the 13th Fan Film.

He's a backcountry hiker that films his hiking adventures on the internet.

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Kyle McLeod as seen in Never Hike Alone: A Friday the 13th Fan Film (2017).

He got lost and discovers the long lost remains of Camp Crystal Lake.

He remembers hearing stories about the camp from his brother. He has fun exploring the camp believing that the camp is safe.

However, his fun turn into a nightmare when Jason Voorhees appeared and attack him.

Kyle did fought Jason and had the physical skills; however, Jason was far too powerful for him.

Kyle had to escape but he got injured. Kyle managed to escape Jason; however, his injuries got worse and he had to return to the camp to get his supplies or else he'll die from his wounds.

He return to the camp and manages to treat his wounds. He uses his survival skills to hide and outsmart Jason.

Jason manages to stab him; however, Kyle manages to fatally injure Jason.

Kyle finds out that Jason stabbed his book inside his shirt.

Jason gets back up causing Kyle to flee.

Kyle collapse and was rescue by paramedics.

Kyle has hallucinations of Jason and was scrapped down.

Jason appears and killed two paramedics. Jason was about to kill him until Kyle was rescued by Tommy Jarvis. The two escaped.