Lakeview High School is a high school in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Students above the S.S Lazarus attended here including Rennie Wickham, Sean Robertson, Tamara Mason, Eva Watanabe, Julius Gaw, another boxer, J.J Jarrett, Wayne Webber, Miles Wolfe, Jim Miller & Suzy Donaldson.

  1. Sean Robertson (Graduated student)
  2. Rennie Wickham (Graduated student)
  3. Toby (Student's pet)
  4. Charles McCulloch (Teacher;Deceased)
  5. Colleen Van Deusen (Teacher;Deceased)
  6. Tamara Mason (Graduated student;Deceased)
  7. Eva Watanabe (Graduated student;Deceased)
  8. J.J. Jarrett (Graduated student;Deceased)
  9. Julius Gaw (Graduated student;Deceased)
  10. Wayne Webber (Graduated student;Deceased)
  11. Miles Wolfe (Graduated student;Deceased)
  12. Jim Carlson (Graduated student;Deceased)
  13. Suzi Donaldson (Graduated student;Deceased)
  14. Boxer (Graduated student;Deceased)

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