Lana Ardsley was a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.


Lana was a beautiful waitress who works in a restaurant at Pinehurst and while she is working Billy, her boyfriend, goes to the restaurant and he asks her out on a date. She accepts but she needs finish cleaning first so she goes inside and finish cleaning and after she goes to change her clothes and before she changes Lana unzips her work uniform revealing her beautiful breasts and shouts IT'S SHOWTIME and while is changing and putting on her makeup she hears a sound in the diner but she doesn't see nothing so when she finishes changing she prepares to leave the restaurant with a cat that scared her and when Billy was telling her to hurry, Billy he is killed before he can get out of the car and after getting the cat Lana exits with the cat then she goes to Billy's car but he isn't there so Lana waits for Billy because she didn't see Billy get killed inside the car and while she is waiting for Billy she see's coke on the floor and when she see's it Lana takes it and start to eat and says "Your going was to waste a lot of money this way, smarty. Oh well, this means more for me" and when she did this, she saw big feet and a axe in the floor. Lana screams out her last words "Oh God! Billy! Billy!". She gets scared and exits out of the car, where she is axed in the chest and falls on the ground to her death