Luke McCabey was a teenager who camped with Deborah and Alexis to celebrate Jason's "death". He copulated with Deborah in the group's tent but was violently killed by Jason Voorhees in the possessed body of a coroner. He appeared in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Michael B. Silver.


Luke joined his girlfriend Deborah and Alexis on a camping trip to Camp Crystal Lake in honour of Jason's death. They got to the lake via hitch hiking and were picked up by Steven Freeman.

The trio set up a tent and camp fire then went skinny dipping in the lake. When they returned to camp, Deborah asked Alexis if she and Luke could have the tent because they planned to have sex, and Alexis agreed to sleep in a sleeping bag under the stars. While she and Luke were getting busy, Alexis was murdered by Phil, who was possessed by Jason.


Luke's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

Before having sex, Deborah left the tent to squat and pee on a bush. She then got a condom from her belongings and gave it to Luke, but he threw it out of the tent. Deborah then took her shirt and underwear off and started having sex with Luke. They rolled over and she got up on top of him. Just as she was having an orgasm, Phil/Jason rammed a pole through her and impaled her. He then ripped it out and sliced Deborah in half before killing Luke.

He is Jason's 93rd victim.

  • His death is the dull machete in dead meat’s kill count