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Jason's machete.

A machete is a long, knife-like weapon.

It was used by Jason in most of the films and was possibly his favorite weapon, as he will use it whenever possible. The machete and the Hockey Mask are the trademark features that help distinguish Jason. It was also used by Pamela, Freddy Krueger, Tommy and Trish Jarvis.

Usage throughout the seriesEdit

Friday the 13th (1980)Edit

  1. Claudette: The first machete victim in the series, her death is off-screen but there is behind the scene photos of Pamela killing her with a machete in cold blood.
  2. A snake: Bill kills a wild snake that was inside of Alice's cabin.
  3. Pamela Voorhees: Used against Alice during the near end of the film. Alice kills Pamela decapitating with the machete. This murder started the Jason legacy in Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Friday the 13th 2Edit

  1. Mark: Jason kills mark by hitting him in the face with a machete and his wheelchair falls down some stairs. Interestingly, the machete used in the film appears to be a panga machete.
  2. Scott: Jason sets a trap and catches Scott in it, he then slits Scott's throat with the panga machete.
  3. Jason: Ginny Field takes the original machete from Pamela's shrine and slams it into Jason's shoulder, injuring him the process.

Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)Edit

  1. Andy: He is doing a handstand inside the Higgin's Haven ranch and Jason slams the machete down to him. Jason would later cut Andy's body in half and hide it inside a bedroom.
  2. Ali: He was resting in the barn from an earlier injury of Jason's and wakes up when he hears Chris Higgins screaming. He tries to fight Jason, but ends up getting his arm severed and is then slashed many times by Jason to his death.

Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter (1984)Edit

  1. Jason: Trish Jarvis injures Jason with a machete three times in the movie, twice in the hand and once across the chest. Tommy Jarvis would later use the machete to slam it into the side of his face and repeatedly strike his corpse, which would end in Jason being pronounced dead and buried for several years.

Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning (1985)Edit

  1. Pete: A teenager has his neck slashed open by Roy Burns, who is hiding in the back seat of his car.
  2. Violet: She is stabbed in the stomach by Roy while she is distracted dancing to music.
  3. Robin: She is stabbed through the bottom of the bed by Roy, very similar to how Jack Burrell died in the first installment.
  4. Roy Burns: Tommy Jarvis cuts Roy's hand off, which causes him to fall on a bed of spikes. Although it wasn't what killed him, it highly contributed to it.

Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives (1986)Edit

  1. Katie: Jason does a triple decapitation and kills three people at once.
  2. Larry: Same as above.
  3. Stan: Same as above.
  4. Roy :Hacked to pieces by Jason, off-screen.
  5. Annette: Jason impales her and her boyfriend together, while they try to escape on a motorcycle.
  6. Steven: Impaled along with Annette.
  7. Paula: Jason broke into the cabin Paula was staying in and viciously slashed her with the machete, he then threw her corpse around like a ragdoll.

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood (1988)Edit

  1. Eddie: A science-fiction fan nerd is decapitated by Jason while he steals his friend's birthday gifts. His severed head is hidden under a table, and then in a plant pot.

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)Edit

  1. Admiral Robertson: A captain of the SS Lazarus ship has his neck cut open with a large knife, similar to that of a machete.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)Edit

  1. Deputy Randy: His body has been possessed by Jason's spirit, so he is already dead but Steven Freeman cuts his neck open, releasing Jason's spirit from him.

Jason X (2001)Edit

  1. Stoney - A teenage student stabbed through the chest.
  2. Geko: One of the female soldiers neck is slit by Jason, who is hiding in the shadows.
  3. Kicker: One of the male soldiers is sliced in half by Jason. He doesn't die straight away and is able to alert his friends, despite being cut in two.
  4. Professor Lowe: The teacher of the space students, is killed off-screen after he tried to make a bargin with Jason.
  5. Fat Lou: The pilot for the spaceship is killed off-screen. It is unknown how exactly he died, but his body was in pieces.

Freddy vs Jason (2003)Edit

  1. Blake: Jason repeatly stabs a teenager while he lays in bed. The final blow that killed him was breaking his body in the bed, but the machete helped out a lot.
  2. Shack: Jason throws his machete (which is on fire), through his heart and burning him alive.
  3. Raver #1: Jason slashes a raving teenager with a burning machete at the cornfield, and a keg of beer burst open and puts out the fire.
  4. Raver #2: Jason slashes raving teenagers at the cornfield in revenge.
  5. Raver #3: Same as above.
  6. Raver #4: Same as above.
  7. Raver #5: Same as above.
  8. Raver #6: Same as above.
  9. Bill Freeburg: While his body is posessed by Freddy Krueger, Bill stabs Jason with tranqulizers, but just before he is knocked out, he slices Bill in two.
  10. Kia Waterson: While she is insulting Freddy Krueger at Camp Crystal Lake, Jason stands behind her and hits her mangled body against a tree with his machete.
  11. Freddy Krueger: Lori Campbell decapitates him and yells "Welcome to my world, b****!".

Friday the 13th (2009)Edit

  1. Wade: He is slashed in the head.
  2. Mike: Stabbed repeatedly
  3. Richie: His leg is caught in a bear trap, rendering him still while Jason cleaves his head with the machete.
  4. Donnie: Throat slit
  5. Chelsea: Head stabbed
  6. Trent Sutton: He is impaled on the machete and then on a rail spike.
  7. Jenna: Impaled through back.

Machetes Edit

Camp Crystal Lake Machete

  • Friday the 13th (1980) - The first appearance of the machete is at Camp Crystal Lake, Bill is using it to cut overgrown plants, it is later used to kill a wild snake that had gotten into Alice's cabin. At the end of the movie Pamela Voorhees tries to kill Alice with it, but Alice manages to dodge and fight her. After the fight, Alice kills Pamela by decapitating her with the machete. 
  • Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) - The same machete that killed Pamela in the first movie is now inside Jason's shack, on a shrine dedicated to his mother, also on this shrine is his mother's sweater and severed head. At the end of the movie, Jason is 'killed' by having the machete driven into his shoulder by Ginny Field. She would later have a nightmare that Jason burst through her window with the machete embedded into his shoulder. This is the last appearance of the original machete. Earlier on the movie Mark and Scott were killed by a panga machete.

Higgin's Haven Machete

  • Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982) - The second machete in the franchise is the one Jason finds inside a barn at the Higgin's Haven Ranch. Jason kills four people with this machete (Andy and Ali) and then goes after Chris Higgins with it. Chris hits Jason in the head with an axe, and he looses grasp of it and it falls to the barn floor.

Rob Dier's Machete

  • Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter (1984) - The third machete in the franchise belonged to Rob Dier, he was out in the Crystal Lake forests searching for Jason who murdered his sister Sandra Dier in the second film. Rob sees somebody inside his tent and slashes it open, only to find out it was Trish Jarvis. He and Trish would then go to the Jarvis family home and the teenager's rented house across the street to make sure everybody was safe and kill Jason. While looking around in the basement of the teenager's house, Jason attacks and kills Rob and he drops the machete. Trish goes back down to get it, but Jason attacks her from under the stairs, she then cuts his hand with it and escapes. At the end of the film Trish fights back Jason with the machete, she makes a large injury in his hand  and then across his chest. In the final battle, Tommy Jarvis tries to trick Jason into remembering himself as a child, long enough before he slams the machete into the side of his face and has his face impaled by the bladed weapon while bleeding out. After Tommy notices Jason's fingers twitch, he uses the machete again and repeatedly strikes his body with it while Trish watches in horror.

Roy Burns's Machete

  • Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning (1985) - The fourth machete in the franchise belonged to Roy Burns, another murderer who is trying to disguise himself as Jason. Roy carries around the machete most of the time in the film, although he kills people with many other weapons too. His first victim with the machete was slashing the throat of a rebellious teenager named Pete. Roy would later kill two woman (Violet and Robin) by stabbing them both in the stomach. At the end of the movie, Roy would attempt to murder Tommy Jarvis by cutting him in the chest, he then becomes distracted by Pam Roberts and Reggie and goes after them with his machete, but Tommy would once again gain access to it, and cuts off Roy's hand, causing him to fall on a bed of spikes.

Burt's Machete

  • Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives (1986) - The fifth machete in the franchise belonged to Burt a paintball player who is playing a game of paintball with his work collegues in the forests of Crystal Lake. Burt has a belt of supplies to help him through the forest, one of the items is a machete. He is very upset that Katie had shot him with a paintball, he starts attacking tree branches with a machete, this gets Jason's attention who is in the forest. Jason rips Burt's arm off to steal the machete from him, he then throws Burt into a tree, killing him. Jason jumps out at the four other paintball players (Katie, Larry and Stan) and decapitates them all. He then chases the 4th (Roy, not to be confused with Roy Burns) and hacks him to pieces off-screen. Jason would later kill three more people, two with this machete in the forest at night (Steven, Annette), then later break into Paula's cabin and murder her. At the end of the movie Sheriff Garris shoots Jason with a shotgun, and he drops his machete at Camp Crystal Lake (Forest Green) and looses possession of it.

Dan's Machete

  • Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood (1988) - The sixth machete in the franchise belonged to Dan, a camper in the Crystal Lake forests. Dan leaves his girlfriend alone to go and chop wood to build a fire so that they can keep warm. Dan chops some wood in the forest and leaves the machete embedded into a tree stump, he proceeds to carry the wood back to his tent, but Jason murders him. Jason then picks up the machete and slices open a tent and kills Dan's girlfriend (not with the machete, by picking her up in her sleeping bag and slamming her against a tree). Jason then takes his machete with him when he breaks into the teenager's party house. He sneaks up behind Eddie and decapitates him with the machete.

SS Lazarus Knife

  • Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) - There is no machete in this movie, although Jason is seen holding one on the trailer to the movie. Jason kills Admiral Robertson by slitting his throat with a large knife he found on the ship, this knife is very similar to a machete.

Jason's Machete

  • Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) - The seventh machete in the franchise is the only machete that started in Jason's posession. It is unknown where Jason had gotten this machete from as he was holding it as soon he is seen. Jason tries to kill FBI Agent Elizabeth Marcus with the machete, but she lours Jason into the forest where many SWAT members ambush him and open fire on him. Jason's machete seems to be strong as bullets hit the blade but do no damage to it. Jason is then blown to pieces by a bomb, and his corpse is taken to the local coroner's office. Bounty Hunter Creighton Duke steals the machete and uses it to get Steven Freeman to meet him at the Voorhees House. Officer Randy is possesed by Jason's spirit and Steven kills him by slicing open his neck.

Jason's 'Sword'

  • Freddy VS Jason (2003) - Jason had been sent to Hell at the end of the previous movie, and he took his machete with him. Jason's Hell world is not fire and brimstone, it's a dark and depressing Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason is forced to kill teenagers with his machete for all eternity, that is until Freddy Krueger tricks him into 'waking up' and having posession of his body again. As Jason wakes up and climbs out of the dirt, he has with him a large machete, it has a modified handle and looks similar to a sword. It is unknown how Jason got this weapon, though fans have speculated that Jason has built and customized it while he was in Hell and that Hell was only a nightmare, and he had 'pulled it out' along with his mask, similar to how objects are pulled out of dreams in the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Jason takes the machete to Springwood and kills a teenager named Blake by stabbing him multiple times in the back and then crushing him in a fold out bed. Jason then kills Trey and his father by cutting off their heads. Jason later kills many teenagers at a cornfield rave with the machete, before being set on fire, while he's ablaze he throws his burning machete into one of the teenager's (Shack) heart. Jason later breaks into Westin Hills hospital and cuts Bill Freeburg in half. Jason is knocked out like a bear with tranqulizers, and is taken to Camp Crystal Lake there he injures Will Rollins and kills Kia Waterson with his machete. Freddy Krueger then attacks Jason, and the two have their infamous battle. Jason injures Freddy many times with his machete, until Freddy gains posession of it and stabs Jason in the chest. At the end of the movie Jason rips Freddy's arm off with his razor glove attached, and uses it to stab him in his stomach, this saves the life of Lori Campbell who picks up the machete and cuts Freddy's head off. She then throws the machete into the lake so it can return to Jason. Before the credits roll, Jason climbs out of the lake holding his machete in his right hand and Freddy's severed head in his left hand, Freddy's head then winks meaning that this could only be a dream.

Jason's Machete #3

  • Jason X (2001) - Jason has been captured at a research lab but breaks out, he finds 'his' machete at the lab and goes after Rowan. It is unknown if this is the same machete from the previous two movies or a different one, but Jason seems dedicated to it as he carries it around with him most of the movie. Rowan manages to kick Jason into a chriogenic freezing machine, and tries to keep him contained, but Jason's machete is powerful enough to pierce through the metal door and they are both frozen. In the distant future of 2455, a school class from another planet travels to Earth and discovers Jason and Rowan frozen. Jason's forzen body falls onto one of the students (Azrael) and the machete cuts off his arm. The class teacher, Professor Lowe is a very greedy man and plans to keep Jason's frozen body and machete and sell it to a museum, but Jason thaws out of the ice and confronts him. Lowe thinks he can strike a deal with Jason by giving his machete back to him and says the famous line "Guys, it's ok, he just wanted his machete back!". Jason was never one to reason with people and kills Lowe off-screen with the machete. Jason later slaughters the shio's pilot off-screen (Fat Lou). Jason then throws his machete into the heart of Kay-Em 14, he walks over to retrieve the machete from her body, but doesn't realize she is a futuristic android, she beats him up and then blows his limbs and his machete up with a rocket launcher. She delivers one final blow to his head, killing him.

Futuristic Surgical Knife

  • Jason X - Jason finds a long, strange looking knife on a surgical table in a lab. He uses it to kill Stoney and many others on the spaceship, including the soldiers (Geko and Kicker). Jason stops using this knife when Professor Lowe gives him his machete back.

Uber Machete

  • Jason X - After Kay-Em 14 destroys Jason, His body falls onto a futuristic healing machine that uses small nano-bots to restore damaged human tissue or equiptment and build rebuild them as new. The writer of the script said it was also Jason's 'evil spirit' which got inside the machine. Jason and his machete become upgraded into 'Uber' powerful versions. He gets revenge on Kay-Em by slicing off her head with his new machete, though it doesn't kill her since she's an android. At the end of the movie Jason and Brodski fall out of the spaceship and are pulled towards Earth II like a shooting star. Jason is burnt up apart from his mask, so it is assumed that the machete was also destroyed on his impact to Earth II.

Camp Crystal Lake Machete (2009)

  • Friday the 13th (2009) - Just like the ending to the original 1980 movie, a blonde haired camp counsolor uses a machete to cut off Pamela's head, this time a young Jason Voorhees is hiding in the bushes, he never actually drowned and was only hiding. He picks up the machete and makes a shrine with his mother's head, similar to the second movie.

Other appearancesEdit

F13NES-iconmachete As it appears in the NES game.

Gallery Edit

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