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Martin was the gravekeeper in Eternal Peace Cemetery and a charater in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

He is Jason Voorhees' 43rd victim.


He sees Jason's dug up grave and buries it, later on Martin is drinking and says to the drink and bottle "your going to be the death of me" he then throws it but realizing that it did not go far and no breaking sounds were made, he then turn around to see Jason Voorhees who breaks the glass bottle and kills Martin with it (ironically, it WAS the death of him because Jason used it against him), a couple called Steven and Annette hear his scream and Steven goes to check it out when he gets there, Jason sees Steven and he runs back to Annette they go on their motorcycle to get to the sherrif's office but Jason appears and kills both Steven and Annette in a double impalation by Jason's machete. He was originally planned to survive the movie.

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Martin's death

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