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Mason is a parody portrayal of Jason Voorhees found in the spoof movie Stan Helsing. Much like his muderious counterpart, Mason wears the famous hockey mask - but with a few spoof changes. There's a pair of bandaids on the right side of the hockey mask, a sticker between the eyes, the holes makes the shape of a smile and eyebrows, the red marks places the cheeks.

Mason is wearing a red jearsey (a hockey pun) with black and white trimming. There is as mask pattern on the jearsey front with the letters NJM (New Jearsey Massacre). Like Jason, he is carrying an axe, is slow and tilts his head in the same fashion.

Mason meets his end by Stan Helsing, a parody of the moster hunter, Van Helsing, and is tripped out a back door of the bar into the hungry jaws of a patched up rottweiler (spoofed of Frankenwenie or Pet Cemetery).

Mason is played by Ken Kirzinger who also played Jason in Freddy vs. Jason. Ironic that an actor who played Jason would also play his spoofed counterpart.

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