Maxine "Maxi" Wagner is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: The Carnival.


A juvenile delinquent who is pined after by most of her male classmates, Maxine comes from a troubled home, having an alcoholic mother and adulterous father. At first not wanting to attend Vince Fantana's Travelling Fun House and Carnival which has come to Crystal Lake, Maxine eventually does go with her friends and teacher due to boredom. When Jason possessed carnival mechanic Mitch Deever and his dog named Stump go on a rampage through the carnival and kill her teacher and friends, as well as her father and mistress who were also attending the carnival, Maxine is forced to fight for her life alongside Selena Tokar, the daughter of the carnival's fortune teller. In the carnival fun house, both Maxine and Selena are attacked by Mitch, and, as he tries to kill Selena with a guillotine, Maxine, using a decorative ax, kills Mitch by striking him in the head with it. Shortly afterwards, Maxine is killed by Stump, who mauls and dismembers her. Her corpse is presumably incinerated when the carnival catches fire and explodes, an explosion which Selena escapes by climbing a tree and leaping over the electric fence.