"Piece of shit!"
"When's the last time you put oil in that thing?"
"... Yesterday.
―Michael and Jane[src]

Michael Rogers was a character in the film Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood and the boyfriend of Jane.

He is the 55th victim of Jason Voorhees.


When his girlfriend Jane McDowell suggests they go camping out in the woods near Crystal Lake in the fall 2000 for his birthday, Michael agrees to it, not realizing that Jane and their friends have planned a surprise party for him in a lakeside cabin. While driving to the lake, Michael's car breaks down and he and Jane are forced to abandon it and walk the rest of the way. Getting tired, Michael suggests they just set up camp a short distance away from the car, prompting to Jane to tell him about the surprise party in the cabin she and the others had planned, delighting Michael and convincing him to keep going.

7-2-michael-stabbed-in-back 528 poster

Michael's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

After travelling a bit further, Michael goes off into the woods to urinate, leaving Jane alone. Heading back after emptying his bladder, Michael finds Jane dead, pinned to a tree through the throat by one of their tent spikes. When Jason Voorhees appears and tears the spike out of Jane's throat, Michael tries to run away, but is impaled and knocked over when Jason hurls the spike into his back. Making a feeble attempt to crawl away with the spike stuck in his body, Michael is lifted off the ground (causing him to vomit blood) and tossed off the spike by Jason. With Michael now dead (Tina Shepard having a vision of murder as it occurred) Jason crams his body into a tree, where Crews, and later Tina and Michael's cousin Nick, discover it.