Mrs. Finkelstein was the unnamed mother of Sheldon Finkelstein.


Mrs. Finkelstein was very close to her son, Shelly, so much so, that Shelly kept a picture of themselves posed together in his wallet at all times. Shelly's blind date, Vera Sanchez, forgot to give him his wallet back following the incident with the biker gang at the grocery store. Vera saw the picture of Mrs. Finkelstein and Shelly together just before she accidentally dropped Shelly's wallet in the lake. Vera was touched by this picture, which caused her to sympathize with Shelly. Vera's sympathy for Shelly motivated her to seek him out after Shelly had left in haste following their argument. Vera wanted to talk with Shelly again, but she was murdered by Jason Voorhees before she could leave the lake area.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mrs. Finkelstein was only seen in the picture. The actress was unknown and uncredited.