Nicola Alyssa "Nikki" Parsley was a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and the girlfriend of Cort.


Nikki was a spoiled, rich teen who is first seen having sex with Cort in an RV while Felony's "I'm No Animal" plays. Soon, Jason rips the electrical cord connected to the van from an outside outlet post, making the van lose power and ruining the mood between Cort & Nikki. Cort, sexually satisfied, leaves the van with Nikki, worried about her stepfather, Horris, because the RV belongs to him and they stole it. Nikki begs Cort to go outside and plug the cord back in, dramatically pretending to be cold, and Cort obliges her, mumbling under his breathe "You're a real pain in the ass...A MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS!". Nikki follows Cort out to investigate and she sees the cord has been stripped. Freaked out, Nikki begs Cort to take her home. Once they are able to start the van, Cort begins recklessly bobbing and weaving the RV, making Nikki lose her balance, falling all the way to the back sleeping area. As she gets up to tell Cort off her last line "That's it! Pull over! I'm driving!", Jason pulls her into the small bathroom. Cort can't hear her because of the music blaring over her screams. Jason begins to strangle Nikki all over the small space before he grabs her face, and smashes it into the mirror, which protrudes her facial shape through the metal on the outside of the RV before she can escape. When Jason kills Cort, the van crashes, tipping over and crushing her face entirely. Her faceless corpse and Cort's corpse are later found by the police.

She is the 47th victim of Jason Voorhees.

Nikki's death

Nikki's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees.