Norwood Thawn is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat.

A member of a cult known as the Redeemers along with his wife Penelope- Penelope being the leader of the Redeemers as a whole where Norwood merely led one chapter-, Norwood is also a serial killer adhering to a warped moral code, believing he and his wife are emissaries of God charged with ridding America of sinners. While being chased by FBI agents across the country for committing various murders, both Norwood and Penelope search for and encounter Jason Voorhees, who has just been accidentally released from Crystal Lake, and attempt to befriend him, believing he shares their same moral outlook and beliefs. After Norwood and Penelope offer Jason a girl named Halo Harlan as a "peace offering", Jason, uninterested in their offer of partnership, kills Penelope with his machete and knocks Norwood unconscious, before proceeding to chase the fleeing Halo to the nearby Phoenix Heights Hotel. Recovering from Jason's attack, Norwood creates a makeshift weapon out of bones from Penelope's body and begins to trek to the Phoenix Heights Hotel in search of Jason, only to be found and arrested by FBI agents. Norwood eventually does reach the Phoenix Heights Hotel when one of the agents who arrested him is revealed to be a member of the Redeemers, and releases him after killing her partner. Stabbing the agent who helped in the chest with his bone knife, angered at her attempts to suggest that they go out for a drink once the Jason situation is resolved and swearing that his wife is irreplaceable, Norwood ascends to the roof of the Phoenix Heights Hotel, where he finds Jason and Halo. Engaging Jason in a fight as the Phoenix Heights Hotel burns down, Norwood is killed when Jason strikes him in the stomach with a cleaver and disembowels him with his bare hands, before throwing him into a hole in the roof of the blazing hotel.