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Marcie is a young attractive nurse and is the object of Joey's affections.

Plot Edit

While she is sweet to Joey, it is clear the attraction is one-sided, as Joey is too young for her and she is dating another orderly at the asylum.

Freddy Krueger knows of Joey's crush on the nurse and uses this to his advantage.

When Joey falls asleep, Freddy takes the form of the nurse, Marcie (Freddy in disguise) leads Joey away down a hall.

Joey's apparent fantasy comes true in the dream as Marcie seduces him. They go to an empty room, laying him on the bed, however this dream soon becomes a nightmare, as Freddy reveals himself and straps him to the bed.

Trapped in the dreamworld with Freddy, Joey falls into a coma. Dr. Simms and Carver immediately blame Dr. Gordon and Nancy Thompson (who came as an intern) for the incident and fire them both.