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Pappas is a police officer and character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. He is the 53rd victim of Jason Voorhees.


Pappas is a Forest Green police officer. He, along with his boss Sheriff Mike Garris and his fellow officers begin investigating the string of homicides after Tommy Jarvis' arrest. Not inclined to believe Jarvis's stories about the return of deceased serial killer Jason Voorhees, he stumbles upon the dismembered remains of a good number of Forest Green residents, including what's left of the unfortunate paintball playing Roy.

At the climax of the movie, he, Sheriff Garris, and Officer Thornton arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, renamed Forest Green, to search for the now missing Tommy, who escaped with the help of the Sheriff's daughter Megan Garris. The three split up across the campgrounds, and Pappas encounters terrified young camper Nancy. Pappas attempts to comfort Nancy, who insists that she saw a "scary man". Jason himself emerges from the bushes, Nancy fleeing while Pappas shoots Jason in the chest five times with his revolver. Unfazed, Jason grabs Pappas' skull and crushes it between his hands. Sheriff Garris later discovers Pappas' body with foam dribbling out of its nose.

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